Halloween 2011 – Place Settings

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Unfortunately we don’t have a dining room in our house, so have to pull the dining table out from storage and set it up in the living room each time we have guests over for dinner. Since this is a rare-ish occasion I wanted to go all out with setting up the dining table!

I started off with the place settings…

I bought some little terracotta pots from Hobbycraft which I painted black and then stuck some glittery orange ribbon around the rim with double sided sticky tape.

I then stuffed them with some orange tissue paper to fill them up before topping them up with some candy corn. I don’t think I’ve ever seen candy corn for sale in the UK, but I had bought some in preparation for Halloween whilst in the USA in August.

I initially toyed with the idea of painting names on the pots themselves, but then decided to cut some bat shapes from black card and write names on with a silver gel pen.

These were then propped up on top of the candy corn…and voilà…place settings for my Halloween dinner table!

Sharing is caring!