Free Printable Witch Coloring Sheet

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Let the kids get creative this Halloween with this free printable witch coloring sheet that is great for hand-eye coordination. Pull out the crayons, markers, pencils or paints and let them explore with different colors and techniques. Or turn the design into linework – practice drawing straight lines in each section – or make different patterns to add an abstract element to their artwork!

This free printable Halloween coloring page is just one of a whole set of cute seasonal characters – find links to them at the end of this post.

This post is part of the Crafty October series on The Purple Pumpkin Blog – a celebration of everything Halloween and Autumn. Now in its 8th year, the 2019 series is bigger and better, running from September 1st, all the way through All Hallows’ Eve on October 31st!

Cute witch colouring page

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Witch Coloring Sheet

This cute witch has been hand-drawn by a talented friend of mine, and I’ve not only got this set of Halloween colouring pages for you but also a set of fun Halloween activities featuring the same characters!

You simply need to download the free printable (you’ll find it below surrounded by a purple box) and start colouring in! Once finished, you can cut away the excess paper and mount onto cardstock for display.

As with [most of] my free printables, this Halloween colouring page is available in two different sizes – A4 and US Letter (8.5″ x 11″).

Witch printable ready to colour

Coloring & Art Supplies

You can use whatever art supplies you like to bring this cute witch to life. I love Crayola Super Tips – they come in boxes of various amounts – I’ve got the 100 count box as you can never have too many colors! They’re kid-friendly, washable, and they also draw thick and thin lines so you can colour with precision, as well as cover larger areas.

If your child (or you!) prefer to use crayons, I don’t think you can go wrong with classic Crayolas, again they come in various counts. There are also glitter Crayola crayons and metallic Crayola crayons which will add some shimmer and sparkle.

You’re going to think I’m biased towards the Crayola brand, but I’m not! They just happen to make awesome and affordable art supplies that are safe for kids to use! So try out their coloured pencils, because I really don’t think you can go wrong with Crayolas for coloring! They also have fun scented pencils which will no doubt bring some of unicorn colouring pages alive with smells! For older children, and adults who may prefer to blend their colours, try the Arteza brand which is very affordable. Slightly more expensive, but amazing pencils for coloring enthusiasts, are Prismacolor.

Up next, paints – specifically watercolors – which I love using. I bought this Arteza Kid’s Watercolor Kit for my 6-year-old niece and she loves it. It comes with 36 colors, a water brush, and a watercolor pad. Arteza also has a paint set for kids with 25 colours and a regular paintbrush. (There are Crayola paints too!)

And finally, GLITTER! Because why not?! Add a sparkly touch to your Halloween coloring! I think glitter glue is the easiest to use as you just apply directly without having to worry about lots of loose glitter going everywhere. Surprise, surprise, my suggestion is Crayola! (I think it’s because I know it’s a brand that is available worldwide, and my readers are far-flung around the globe.) They have a 25 count set, and a 9 count set of glitter glue. Crayola’s glitter glue is also washable, so you don’t have to panic if it gets onto skin or clothes.

Witch - cute Halloween coloring page

This free Halloween printable witch to color is a great activity not only for children but for adults too. I personally love colouring in – you should see the number of art supplies I have! But sometimes I don’t want really intricate designs – which adult colouring books usually contain – sometimes I just want something really simple and fun, and this witch falls into that category!

Download Witch Coloring Sheet

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Creative ways to use this printable

I’ve included a full-size page and a half-size page so that you can use this printable in different ways!

  • Draw straight or curvy lines into the background sections only, or the character only, or the whole thing.
  • Why not experiment with different patterns? Try a checkerboard design, circles, or swirls. Search for zentangle patterns online and you’ll find a ton of pattern inspiration!
  • Use shades of just one color to fill in the whole design. Or use just two or three complementary colors.
  • Fill in different sections with glitter glue, or even using different collage materials – scrunched up tissue paper, foil, or craft foam are a few ideas to try.
  • Experiment with mixed media – try out crayons and paints for different sections.
  • Once colored in, cut away excess paper and mount onto cardstock or construction paper and display on the wall/fridge.
  • Or add a folded piece of card to the back to create a stand and place on the mantle or window ledge.
  • Print the half-size page and mount onto folded cardstock and make Halloween greetings cards.
  • Print several copies of the half-size page. Color in different ways and punch holes in the corners. Thread ribbon or string through and make a Halloween banner. Downloads lots of the character printables to mix things up!
  • Why not turn the finished colored design into a puzzle? Cut along the straight lines, and put the pieces back together again.

Handy Crafting Supplies

Shop my selection of craft supply picks on Amazon that you can use to turn a simple colouring project into a mixed media collage!

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More Halloween Coloring Sheets to Download

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Let the kids get creative this Halloween with this free printable witch coloring sheet that is great for hand-eye coordination. They can add lots of bold colors to bring the character to life! #Halloween #KidsActivitiesClick to Tweet
Free printable cute witch coloring sheet

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