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Looking for an easy winter papercraft project? Download our Free Printable Build A Gonk template and get started today!

This charming little gonk (AKA gnome) is fun for all ages to make, and helps to improve cutting and pasting skills while having some festive Holiday fun!

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Free Printable Build A Gonk

Introducing – Gordon the Gonk!

I’m sure you’ve seen those cute little characters, with their noses poking out over their long beards and tall hats, that seem to be everywhere at this time of year.

I’ve always called them gonks, you may call them gnomes! And they are SO cute!

I thought it was high time that I made a buildable gonk template, so here is Gordon the Gonk!


If you are a regular on my blog you’ll notice that my buildable characters have a cute chubby style.

And if they are animals they are anthropomorphic, which basically means that they have human traits – like standing on two legs instead of four.

I introduced my cute chubby roly-poly Christmas and Winter characters several years ago, and the set currently includes 22 characters.

I’m continuing to add new characters that I hope you will love as much as the others!

Gonks stem from Nordic and Scandinavian mythology. They are meant to be a mix of a gnome and a hobgoblin. In the original folklore, these curious little creatures were said to take a liking to barns or houses in the colder seasons. If families treated them well, they were said to protect the family and give them good luck. If the family did not respect the mighty little gonk, then they were said to play tricks on the family! Source

Free Printable Build A Gonk

The Christmas and Winter buildable characters are part of a wider set of other characters that are a fun free activity to do at home, in an activity group or club, during homeschool, or in the classroom!

I’ve provided the links to all of my other buildable characters at the end of this blog post.

I’ve created two sizes for this cute free printable paper Gonk: 

  • Regular size, with all of the pieces on one sheet of paper and creates a character around 4″/10cm tall. (This is the image above – it is not the download though!)
  • Large size with the pieces spread over several sheets. This creates a character around 12″/30cm tall.

You’ll find the Color and Build A Gnome (Gonk) over in the Purple Pumpkin Printables Shop.

Free Printable Paper Gonk (Gnome) Winter Holiday Craft!

Where Are The Downloads?

  • The two sizes are two separate downloads.
  • You will find the download links further down this page surrounded by a purple box.
  • Tap the purple download buttons to save the file(s) to your device.
  • I’ve provided two paper sizes – A4 and US Letter (8.5″ x 11″) – use the size that is appropriate for your printer.

The free printable Christmas papercraft is really fun – not just for kids, but for adults too!

I love constructing buildable characters after I’ve designed them! A digital representation is shown below.

Fun Winter Craft! Build-A-Gonk

How To Use the Build a Gonk Printable

The regular-size printable is for children that are more skilled at cutting.

The large size should be a lot easier for younger children. 

Or you can cut them out for them.

Of course, you know your children, so will know what suits them best!

Included in this printable paper Gonk craft are the following pieces:

  • Hat
  • Body
  • Beard
  • Nose
  • Arms
  • Jumper
  • Boots

Once cut, place the pieces in the correct order to figure out where everything goes before sticking them in place.

You can stick the pieces together with a glue stick, or sticky tape.

I like using this roller glue as it is so easy to use and has less sticky mess!

For an extra crafty dimension, why not mount the character onto a larger piece of paper and use other craft materials to embellish it?

For example, glitter, furry fabric, craft foam, or tissue paper to name a few.

For more fun, family winter activities, check out 25+ Fun Winter Activities for Families from our friends at Twinkl.

Printable Build A Gnome Paper Template

Other Ways To Use This Printable!

  • You can use a laminator and laminate the pieces if you like and use them over and over again.
  • Why not use split pins to construct the characters instead of glue so that the character becomes moveable!
  • Or you could use popsicle sticks and regular size characters to make little puppets for winter role-playing or storytelling.
  • You could attach the characters to some ribbon or string and hang them as bunting around the room for a holiday party!
  • Or why not number each of the pieces and turn it into a fun game with dice? Throw the dice and each time a number is rolled, you take that piece – the first one to complete their character is the winner!
  • Most of all, just have fun with this winter printable!

Download your chosen printable from the list further down the page (they’re surrounded by a purple box), and print onto thick paper or thin card. Cut the pieces out, then build a Gonk (or a Gnome)!

Free Printable Build A Winter Gonk

Other Christmas & Winter Characters in This Series

You could mix the different elements for fun to create completely new characters!

Free Printable Build A Gonk Downloads

Download Printable Gonk/Gnome Template (Large Size)

Click the download link to save the printable file(s) to your computer.
The Shop opens in a new tab/window.

Download Printable Gonk/Gnome Template (Regular Size)

Visit The Purple Pumpkin Shop for more awesome printables and products!

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Free Printable Build a Gonk!

Other Buildable Characters!

We have lots of other buildable characters that you may like to download:

The Create the Holidays series on The Purple Pumpkin Blog features free printables, crafts, recipes, and more for Christmas and the Winter Holidays. Check out Create the Holidays (formerly Create Christmas) from 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016201520142013, and 2012.


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