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Yes, yes, I know Easter was weeks ago, but I’m going through my blog post list and this post was on it! I always say “better late than never” so here is my round up of Easter 2013 in our house.

Easter/Springtime Sugar Cookies

We invited my family over for Easter Sunday, and it was a full house. Instead of getting the table out and us being a little cramped around it, I served food buffet style and we ate off our laps! I hope it won’t be too soon before I have a dining area so we won’t have to do that any more!

I roasted a chicken and potatoes, made a spring lamb and vegetable stew in the slow cooker and made some salads. Plenty of choice for us all.

The slow cooker lamb & vegetable stew was simple to put together. I placed new potatoes, carrots and onions into the bottom of my slow cooker. Add browned lamb steaks and added a cup or so of beef stock. I also added dried mint, dried rosemary, a few spoons of mint sauce, salt and pepper. I left that to cook on high for 4 hours. I then added baby courgettes, baby sweetcorn, mushrooms and green beans and cooked for another couple of hours. Don’t you just love how easy slow cooker cooking is?!

With lunch all sorted, I got busy with baking. Very busy! I made Easter sugar cookies, cupcakes, almond macaroons and cinnamon balls…phew!

I had some bunny rabbit and chick cookie cutters, and I cut the egg shapes out freehand. I initially was going to flood fill the tops with royal icing, but it was quicker to just quickly ice with gel icing pens! I don’t think any one minded!

I shared my recipes (or rather, my mother-in-laws recipes) for Cinnamon Balls and Almond Macaroons. My dad especially liked them and has asked me to make them again for him – so I did when he came to visit one day, and then I pointed him to my blog so that he can make them himself :P

I made basic vanilla cupcakes which I then topped with some chocolate frosting I had in the fridge, leftover from some past cupcake making venture. I decorated some with mini eggs and some with rice paper flowers.

Check out these 25+ Cupcake Recipes for more fun, and easy celebration and holiday cupcakes!

The last few cupcakes were decorated with brightly coloured sugar sprinkles and mini Cadburys Creme Eggs.

I decorated the house with a few things I already had, as well as a couple of new items I bought – this bright pink rabbit being one of those new things!

I pulled out my Easter Fuzzy Chick Wreath that I made last year – took me a while to find it, but I eventually did!

I printed off the Easter Subway Art Poster that I made and mounted it in a frame.

I also printed the He Is Risen poster that I made, and that too went in a frame. A few days before I had displayed my Good Friday poster in the same frame.

I bought a pretty bunch of yellow/orange tulips which went in a vase and onto my mantel, which isn’t a mantel, but a window ledge! A few other decorations sat there too. Some ceramic love birds, the pink rabbits and my cat :P She wasn’t impressed that I had taken over her spot!

And then, because I have this habit of buying stuff that I already have and not realising I have it…I put together these bowls of fuzzy chicks. I filled goldfish bowls with green paper strips and topped off with fuzzy chicks. I had some daisy stickers, I went all out kitsch!

And a basket full of blue and pink eggs with more fuzzies.

And for Sephy’s 1st Easter I put together a basket of goodies for her…some cute chick pyjamas, a toy phone (she’s always grabbing our iPhones!) an owl money box and a teething ring.

We had a fab Easter Sunday together as a family! And for a change, as I was so busy having a good time with them all, I didn’t take a single photo of us!! All these pics were taken before they arrived!

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