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Welcome to Day 89 of 100 Days of Disney here on The Purple Pumpkin Blog! Be sure to check out all of the other posts in this series, and if you would like to share your own Disney blog posts or pictures, make sure you check out our #100DaysOfDisney Link Party!

It’s another Friday during #100DaysOfDisney so it’s time for Disney Friday Finds!

I got into scrapbooking more than a decade ago, sadly, I don’t do it very much any more – in fact, I still have supplies that I bought on our 2011 trip to Walt Disney World that I still haven’t used… It’s not that I don’t like doing it, it’s just that all of my scrap stash is packed away in boxes and getting to it can be a nightmare…I hope that having my new craft room will rekindle the fire that I used to have for scrapping my memories!

In the meantime, I’ve put together a small collection (of the thousands!) of Disney scrapbook supplies available online. One of the stores in Downtown Disney sells scrapbook goodies, so I’m going to be paying a visit there on our trip in just a few weeks time!


Disney Scrapbook Supplies by PurplePumpkinBlog on polyvore.com



Do you scrapbook your photos and memories?
Day 89 of #100DaysOfDisney is done – 11 to go!
Come back tomorrow for another Disney related blog post!

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