Char Siu Chicken Wings

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One of the starters for my Year of the Dragon Chinese Banquet was Char Siu Chicken Wings. They were the easiest to prepare and everyone loved them.

All you need is a jar of Char Siu sauce which can be bought in supermarkets (I bought mine from Chinatown), some chicken wings and some sesame seeds.

Char Siu sauce is a Chinese barbecue sauce made with honey and soy beans.

Put the chicken wings into a roasting dish and pour over the jar of char siu sauce. (I do this in the pan I’m going to cook in to save washing up!). Sprinkle over some sesame seeds and put in a hot oven (180C-200C) for 20 – 30 minutes until the wings are cooked through. Simple!

They are sticky, smokey and sweet and went down a treat!

Musn’t forget the take-away bought Crispy Seaweed!

Share this post with friends and family!