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Happy Halloween!!!

Here we are, day 31 of Crafty October – I’ve saved the best for last! Carving a Pumpkin!

Carving a Halloween Pumpkin | The Purple Pumpkin Blog

This year I’ve “only” carved two pumpkins – The Cheshire Cat and The Mad Hatter – I LOVE them! They’re sitting outside, and the trick or treaters have already started knocking!

I’ve got so much to share with you about everything I’ve been doing today, but it will have to wait…I’ve not stopped all day long! For someone who said she wasn’t going to have a party…well, I’ve got my sisters, brother-in-laws and my new baby niece coming over in about half an hour for some dinner and a movie.

It’s Sephy’s first Halloween, and I bought her an outfit – can’t wait to see her for Halloween cuddles!!

I’ve loved every day of crafting throughout this month, and going to be a little sad that I won’t be crafting every day! I really hope that you’ve enjoyed this month – I know I have!

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