New Collectible Toys: Num Noms – What are they?! Review

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Num Noms Series One

Never mind the kids, I’m a sucker for collectible toys! Especially when they are as cute as these new collectibles called Num Noms! But what are they?

Num Noms are sweet scented food related collectible toys of complete cuteness! They are already a big hit in the USA, and they have made their way over to our shores in the UK – I bet children are going to love these adorable little toys. They are suitable for ages 3+.

The Nums are squishy toppers that smell of ice cream or cupcake, and they sit on of a Nom, which are either motorized (called Go-Gos), or a lip balm pot (Called Gloss-Up). Collect them all and stack them high! There are 1000+ mix and match combos that you can make. And with scents like cherry, strawberry, chocolate and mint, they smell as sweet as they look!

The Num Noms are colourful little things, with sweet names like Betsy Bubblegum, Cheery Cherie, Tango Mango, Cherry Chip, Lemony Go-Go, and Nana Gloss-Up. The names give a hint as to what they will smell like too.

Num Noms Series One

A cupful of cuteness and a spoonful of surprise makes Num Noms. To create your own flavour fusion mix a Num and a Nom – it’s the perfect recipe for mischief. Scoop ’em all up!

Series 1 (I expect more series to follow!) is currently available in the UK from Tesco, Smyth Toys and Amazon UK. You can buy the following packs:

  • Mystery Pack (RRP £2.99)
  • Starter Pack – ice cream or cupcake (RRP £8.99)
  • Deluxe Pack – ice cream or cupcake (RRP £14.99)
  • Go Go Cafe Play Set (RRP £24.99)

I love the idea of the starter and deluxe packs to get the collection going. You can buy them in either ice cream or cupcake “flavour”, and depending on the pack size, you’ll get 3 or 6 Nums, 1 or 2 Noms, a spoon, and a cup or cone to sit the Num Noms in.

To grow your collection, you can buy Mystery Packs which contain one complete Num Nom (1 of each), and a leaflet that shows all the different flavours you can collect, as well as some fun “recipe” combos. This is the exact sort of toy that you can swap doubles with friends (I know how much I did that as a child with collectible toys!)

There is also fun to be had over on the Num Noms website, where you can create pictures of your favourite combinations, save, and print them off.

Num Noms Series One

Num Noms

Naturally, I asked my niece to play with and help me review the deluxe pack and mystery packs we were sent. Us grown ups (her Mummy, and me!) had just as much fun playing with them! I’ve uploaded our review and us playing with the Num Noms on my YouTube channel, which you can watch here. (Don’t forget to subscribe, and give the video a thumbs up!)

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