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I baked some Army Camo Cupcakes for my son’s 14th Army Themed Birthday Party and made some Army Camo Cupcake Wrappers to go around them. I love cupcake wrappers – especially ones I make myself as I can do exactly what I want and need for a particular cupcake!

Army Military Camo #Cupcake Wrappers - Free #Printable

I’m sharing this printable with you today, so if you have this idea in mind for a party feel free to download and print them! I make my wrappers with a tab to slot into a cut at the other end of the wrapper – I forgot to add said slot on these, so you can just cut off the tab and use tape to secure at the back.

Army Military Camo #Cupcake Wrappers - Free #Printable

Army/Military Camo Cupcake Wrappers (PDF Download – A4)

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