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Quick + Simple Tissue Paper Ghosts Halloween Decorations

These tissue paper ghosts are ridiculously simply to make and take less than 5 minutes. You could make a whole gaggle of ghosts and hang them around the house for Halloween!

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  1. The tissue paper that I used, was a rectangle, 50 x 35cm. But you could make these any size you like.
  2. Fold over one corner to the opposite edge to form a square. Cut the excess tissue paper off. It doesn’t go to waste as it becomes the “head” of the ghost.
  3. Roll the excess tissue paper into a ball and place roughly into the middle of the square piece of tissue paper.
  4. Gather the square around the ball, and squeeze just underneath.
  5. Use a length of cotton (I used around 80cm to give a nice long hanging length) to wrap around the “neck” and knot a few times. Pull through to form a long loop for hanging, and knot again to secure.
  6. I gave the tissue paper a bit of a scrunch to add texture.
  7. Use the Sharpie to draw on a face, and done!

Tissue Paper Ghosts for Halloween

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