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Welcome to Day 3 of Crafty October – a month of Halloween ideas at The Purple Pumpkin Blog! Don’t forget to check out last year’s ideas if you need more inspiration.

Today I’m sharing a decoration that I’ve made using polystyrene shapes and sequins – for lack of a witty name for it, it is simply a Sequined Witches Hat Decoration! I didn’t take step by step photos, mainly because I was covered with sequins and glue ^_^ but I’ll explain how to make it – it’s quite simple!

Sequined Witches Hat Decoration #Halloween #CraftyOctober

I was searching through my craft stash and found some polystyrene cones and rings that I must have bought for something or other. Looking at them, I realised I could glue the cone to the inside of the ring and it would look like a witches hat! So that’s what I did…

Sequined Witches Hat Decoration #Halloween #CraftyOctober

I then started to slather on some PVA glue (which dries clear) starting at the top and working downwards, and just pouring over lots and lots of sequins – shaking off the excess (gently mind you) until it was completely covered. I did this is stages, so that the surface could dry and make it a little easier to handle.

Once it was completely dry, I wrapped around a green tinsel pipe cleaner for the hat band. And stood back to admire my work! I was over the moon with how it turned out, because, when I started, it looked like a hot mess :P

I bought the bags of sequins from a craft shop – I’ve got them in lots of different colours, so may make another couple of witches hats – or I may use this technique for Christmas! Hoping to do a repeat of Cook, Craft Create: December for 2013 so keep an eye out!

Sequined Witches Hat Decoration #Halloween #CraftyOctober

I am hosting a month long Halloween Link Party to celebrate Crafty October and would love for you to share your Halloween ideas – crafts, recipes, costumes, parties…anything goes, as long as it is family friendly! It’s my favourite time of year, (as you may well know!) and I can’t wait to see what you link up!


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