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Back on our first trip, we ended up buying an extra 2, or was it 3?! cases to bring all our goodies back to the UK. This time, lesson learned – pack even lighter, put a case in a case and that negates that expense!

We had been given a list of “wants” from family and friends, a lot were American treats that you can’t buy here, or if you can, cost a stupid amount of money!

This is our haul from last time around…not all for us, I’d like it to be noted!

I’m sure we’ll end up doing exactly the same again… I love a bit of retail therapy! I know that some things I’ll be bringing back for sure are boxes of Shake ‘n’ Bake – we didn’t bring back enough last time and loved them! We also loved the biscuits and gravy mixes we bought (McCormicks I think it was), so they’ll be on the list, as well as the hoard of candies, cookies and all the rest!

I too plan on doing some cake decorating shopping out there – I didn’t get around to it last time, and want to stock up on cupcake sprinkles! I also plan on buying party bits – plates, napkins, that sort of thing, as the Americans have so much more choice than us.

We always buy fridge magnets when we go on a trip or out for the day – it’s about the only souvenir I will allow in the house lol. This is our fridge after last time…

…I’m sure we’ll be buying all new ones! I also plan to add to my pin collection that I started in 2011 :D

Another thing I want to buy, and it’s rather silly and I hope it’s still there, but is a create your own Mr. Potato Head…you could fill up a bucket with different accessories – awesome! I might have to buy 2 one for me and one for my niece…along with a ton of other stuff – she’s getting spoiled rotten on our return!

We are not that big on clothes shopping – not fussed about brands etc, so that sort of thing isn’t on our list. *shock horror*

One thing I am big on is Halloween…



…one suitcase for that stuff…(and I’m not kidding! )

And, it would be rude not to add to our Disney ornament collection!


Oh, and I MUST buy one of these…


And that’s pretty much it…best get to work and start saving up more pennies (ahem, fifties! ) so I can buy all of my wish list!

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