Repairing Punctured Inflatable Toys Using Household Items

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Inflatable toys are a popular choice for children and adults alike, but what do you do when they get a puncture? You can’t just throw them away – especially given the price of them! So here are 4 easy steps to repairing punctured inflatable toys.

Repairing Punctured Inflatable Toys Using Household Items

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Repairing Punctured Inflatable Toys

Gone are the times when your only poolside accessory was a humble inflatable pool ring. Pop superstar Taylor Swift changed the inflatable pool toys landscape during the summer of 2015 when she posted an image of herself lounging on a magnificent giant swan inflatable.

Things have never been the same since. Inflatables have become iconic symbols of summer, and people are no longer content with buying cheap pool rings or lilos. Instead, they are spending more money than sense on gorgeous and thematic inflatables that add an unrivaled element of fun to pool days.

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However, there is a hidden cost that no one seems to want to acknowledge – inflatables can get punctured – and quite easily. Back in the day, if your pool ring got a puncture, you would just buy a new one, because they were so cheap. You obviously can’t do the same with a £50 giant doughnut or golden dragon.

Fear not though. We have a solution. If you find yourself in a situation where your inflatable pool ring has a hole, you can use these five common household items, to patch up your precious inflatable in just an hour.

Six Common Household Items You Need

Step 1: Locate the Puncture

Inflate the pool ring and submerge it underwater. Look out for air bubbles which will indicate the spot of the puncture.

Use a finger to mark the spot, and dry the area using a paper towel.

Use a marker pen and draw a small circle around the puncture site.

Repairing Punctured Inflatable Toys Using Household Items

Step 2: Temporary Patch

Cut out a small strip of adhesive tape, so you have it ready to use when you blow up the inflatable again. You can always ask someone to pass it to you to make things easier.

Blow up the inflatable again and quickly seal the puncture with the tape.

Make sure you use very strong tape, such as duct tape or brown tape, which will keep the puncture covered for longer.

Step 3: Permanent Patch

Put on some disposable gloves as you will be dealing with super glue which can be nasty to get off if you get it on your fingers.

Cut out another piece of adhesive tape, but a slightly larger one than the first strip (preferably 25% larger). Then, inflate the pool toy again.

You will need someone to help you at this point, as one of you should be holding the sticky tape, and the other holding the super glue.

Hold the sticky side of the tape up, and use the glue to spread over the surface of the tape.

Then, very carefully, place the new patch on the temporary patch.

Firmly apply pressure for a couple of minutes for the glue to set.

Repairing Punctured Inflatable Toys Using Household Items

Step 4: Let It Dry

Leave the pool ring somewhere to dry at room temperature, but do not leave it outside in the sun, as direct sunlight can cause the glue to expand and crack before it fully dries.

And that’s it! Your inflatable is good to use again!

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