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The Deluxe Disney Dining Plan!

This trip report is called Dine Around Disney for a reason…because that’s all we’re going to be doing when it comes to eating in Orlando!

We always said we wanted to stay on site at a Disney Resort one day, turns out that one day was a lot sooner than anticipated!

When we booked Old Key West, we got the Disney Dining Plan included. We uhm-ed and ahh-ed for a while about upgrading to the Deluxe Dining Plan (DxDDP)… Finally, after looking back at previous holidays, what our dining patterns are like and how much we spend on eating at restaurants, we forked out the extra grand (ish) to upgrade.

You may feel like reeling in shock, but we know how much we spend on food, including snacks etc for the villa, so it’s worth the extra money for us! I actually went through all of our receipts from past trips and worked it all out! I know that other than tips, all our food is now paid for, so we don’t have to take as much spending money this year.

I will of course, be making notes of the costs of everything on the DxDDP and see how it worked out for us in the long run!

I have read online several times “it’s a lot of food” but I guess it depends on what your family’s eating habits are! We pretty much always have a breakfast and a dinner when in Orlando. The boy, on most days, especially on our last trip, was also hungry at lunch time, resulting in us buying from a Quick-Service place for him…plus of course drinks and snacks. Yeah, we’re gannets!

Since we may only do staying onsite the once (I’m already planning 2016s trip!) we wanted to go all out, and to do that, Deluxe Dining Plan was the way to go!

Hubs created a spreadsheet for me so I could organise all the places we would be booking ADRs for, along with the credits used. We have booked breakfast and dinner on all the days that we are there, bar the first day (dinner only) and the last couple of days as we’re planning on eating around Epcot, and unsure what to do on the last day. We’ve also thrown in the dinner shows as well as CRT, and we have 21 credits left…eep…they’ll get used on QS I’m sure! And if not, well, uhm, yeah…maybe it’ll be too much food, but we’ll have fun try to use them all!

I haven’t even mentioned the snack credits…what I really want to do, is on the last day, buy lots of Disney cupcakes, and bring them back to the UK…do you think I could do it?!?! I’ll take my plastic cupcake holder out with me and carry it on…it’s a challenge if anything else right?!

When it comes to snacks, anything that has this symbol can be bought with a snack credit…lots of research has to happen! I know that there are hundreds of snacks that you can buy around Walt Disney World!!


For those that don’t know anything about the Deluxe Disney Dining Plan, here is the low-down:

3 meals + 2 snack credits per person, per night; plus 1 refill mug at any of the QS locations at any Disney Resort for your stay. Alcoholic beverages are not included. That gives us 126 meal credits and 84 snack credits.

There are five types of dining at Disney…Quick Service, Table Service, Character Dining, Signature Dining and Dinner Shows. There is also in-room dining and pizza delivery but it isn’t available at Old Key West.

Quick Service – Breakfast: entree + non-alcoholic beverage; Lunch/Dinner: entree, dessert + non-alcoholic beverage. 1 credit per person is used.

Table Service – Breakfast: entree + non-alcoholic beverage or 1 full buffet; Lunch/Dinner: appetizer, entree, dessert + non-alcoholic beverage or 1 full buffet. 1 credit per person is used.

Character Dining – as table service. 1 credit per person is used, except Cinderella’s Royal Table which is 2 credits per person.

Signature Dining – as table service, but 2 credits per person are used.

Dinner Shows – gratuities are included in these meals and are 2 credits per person.

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