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Following on from yesterday’s Mardi Gras Banner Free Printable which I created for the Around the World Date Night I arranged for my hubby. This month’s destination was New Orleans and that meant bringing Mardi Gras to us!

Today I’m sharing some 2″ toppers which you can use in lots of different ways!

Mardi Gras Cupcake Toppers Free Printable Download

I strung some together and hung them in the door frame to decorate the room with…

…and I also stuck them onto cocktail sticks and then used them as toppers for our King Cake :D

I created 30 different designs and have put them up as a PDF Download (A4 size) for you to use in your own Mardi Gras celebrations. I just love the colours of Mardi Gras – especially the purple!

I’ve used 2″ toppers in the past to decorate cupcakes…

…and to use as napkin rings…

You could print them onto card, stick a safety pin to the back and use as badges, you could punch a hole in them and use them as tags for favours, you could stick them to plain paper cups to make them more interesting…They are a really versatile printable! I hope you find the Mardi Gras ones I created useful when hosting your own Mardi Gras party :D

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