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I’ve seen Snowman Soup as a gift idea for a few years now, always meaning to make some and give out as gifts but not quite getting around to it – this year I have finally done it!  I’m not quite sure why it’s called snowman soup, but it’s cute!

All it is, is a jar, (or packet, or box) with hot chocolate powder, chocolate drops/chips, marshmallows and a candy cane – along with some instructions on how to make it – I’ve seen lots of poems online that people add, and I’ve still got that part of this gift to do as I’m trying to come up with my own at the moment (but not so hot at writing poems!)

So where did I start?  I bought some Rajtan Spice Jars from Ikea as I felt they were about the right size – not too big, not too small, plus they sit on their side which I think looks cool.

I then bought all the things that I needed to make the jars of soup up…

hot chocolate mix | chocolate chips | mini marshmallows | candy canes

I checked the side of the jar of hot chocolate to see how much was needed to make a cupful – that way I could add that to my instructions.

I started by spooning out 5 teaspoons into one of the jars, and then found I needed to add another 5 or 6, so enough for two cups of hot chocolate.

I then realised this was going to take forever to make up eight jars, so I used a funnel and standing the jars side by side, I decanted the hot chocolate to the level from my first jar.

Then came time to add the chocolate chips and marshmallows!  I bought mini marshmallows so that they would fit in the jar, but if you can’t find them (they’re usually down the baking aisle) then you could pop a large one inside, or add a bag of them on the side.  I did want to use chocolate drops, but couldn’t find them at all in the supermarket, so bought chocolate chunks instead.  If you can’t find neither, you could chop up a chocolate bar.

I put the chocolate chunks in first, followed by the mini marshmallows.

I packed lots of marshmallows in because they add a lovely creamy sweetness to hot chocolate!  I may even put a little bag of extras (as I’ve got lots left over!) on the side.

I then screwed on the lids tightly and got my labels and ribbon together to do the final assembly.

I made the labels in PSPX2 which is my design programme of choice.  I made them so that they will fit a 2 inch (approx) diameter jar lid and below is my first freebie printable that you can save and print for your own jars of snowman soup!  I bought the ribbon from Wilko.


I stuck the labels on with some sticky dots – they’re easily removable and that makes the jar functional for the receiver once they’ve drunk all their snowman soup.  I then cut the ribbon to about 40cm lengths and wrapped it round the lid and tied a double knot before attaching the candy cane with another double knot.  I then cut the ribbon down at an angle because I’m not so good at making bows!

I think that they turned out wonderfully and I think look so cute!

I can’t wait to give them out this Christmas!

Of course, (for quality control purposes you understand!) I had to try a cup of snowman soup myself…I’ve got a adorable snowman mug at home – kind of wish I had more to give out as gifts with this!  Sadly I didn’t have any spare candy canes (there were 8 in the pack and I made 8 jars of snowman soup), but I know they’ll make a fantastic stirring stick with the hot chocolate!  It’s a case of dumping everything into the mug, adding hot water (or hot milk) and giving it a stir, plopping some more marshmallows and chocolate on top for pure, chocolatey, sweet indulgence!

Making gifts for Christmas (or for any celebration) is always fun and somehow means that little bit more than if you just buy something from a shop.  I’ve added up how much it cost me to make these and here is the breakdown…I actually had a giant 1kg bag of marshmallows that I bought for some other things, but I priced up for a smaller (200g) bag which would have been more than enough for 8 jars.  The sticky dots, paper and printer ink were all from my craft stash, so I’ve not included those.

  • 8 Rajtan spice jars (Ikea): £2.19 (4-pack) x 2 = £4.38
  • 2 jars of hot chocolate mix (Tesco): £1.30 each x 2 = £2.60
  • 2 packets of chocolate chunks (Tesco): £1.49 x 2 = £2.98
  • 1 packet mini marshmallows (Tesco): £1.098 candy canes (Tesco): 69p (4-pack, 2 for £1) = £1.00
  • 2 ribbon spools (2.7 metres, Wilko): £1.00 each x 2 = £2

8 jars of snowman soup =  £14.05, so 1 jar costs £1.75 to make…and I think a great price for such a cute gift.  I’m sure by buying cheaper ingredients or recycling old jars you could bring the cost down further.

I still want to box or bag these up with some extra marshmallows and some instructions, but still searching for the right kind of container!  When I do, I’ll update :)

I hope you try this out, and if you do – have fun!