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Happy Chinese New Year or Kung Hei Fat Choi (in Cantonese) or Gong Xi Fa Cai (in Mandarin)!

Year of the Dragon

It is the Year of the Dragon and as I was born under that year, I decided to throw a Year of the Dragon Chinese Banquet this weekend for my family.

In preparation, my husband and I went into London’s Chinatown last week, to get some inspiration, take some photographs, buy some decorations and ingredients in the Chinese supermarkets. There was lots to buy, which we did! One of the decorations was the dragon in the first photograph up above – I’ll reveal more when I blog about the party.

Here are some of my photos that I took. I started with my regular camera, and then, as we were laden down with more and more bags, switched to my iPhone! The whole set can be found on my Flickr.





Exotic Fruit

Chinatown Lions


We also went for sushi, which is always a treat :) (I know it’s Japanese food, not Chinese ^_-)

Sushi Conveyor Belt


Salmon Maki, Nigiri & Sashimi

Vegetable Yakisoba

Spicy Beef Salad

Salmon & Tuna Sashimi


I can’t wait to cook for this banquet, which is what it is now being called, rather than dinner party! I’m being really meticulous about preparation as a lot of the stuff is last minute cooking, and I’ve made my self step-by-step lists of things I need to do. I rarely do this, but for this type of cooking – which is pretty new to me as I’ve not cooked much Chinese food properly before – I think it will be helpful so I don’t forget something when I’m stir frying up a storm in the kitchen!

I’ve also chosen my recipes from two Chinese cook books that I bought from Amazon. One is Ken Hom’s Complete Chinese Cookbook and the other is Ching-He Huang’s Fast Food. I also found a couple of recipes online.

Amongst the dishes I’ll be serving will be… chicken and vegetable spring rolls, pork potsticker dumplings, rainbow beef lettuce cups and chicken chow mein. If you read my Chinese New Year Sunday Inspiration post a few weeks back, you’ll know that these dishes have symbolism.

I’ve got the table set-up and decoration in my mind, and I’ve also got to design and print off the name places and menu.

I can’t wait for this party!

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