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I am not doing much for St. Patrick’s Day this year, but am re-sharing our shenanigans from our 2012 St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Party! These tissue paper rosettes are my quick and easy go-to decoration!

I made these rosette decorations to decorate for St. Patrick’s Day using the colours of the Irish flag – green, white and orange. I made the same sort of decorations (in red, white and blue) for the Royal Wedding last April as well. They are very easy to make, and I think look so pretty!

You will need sheets of tissue or crepe paper in the required colours. Roughly 45cms wide by about 70cms in length. I used crepe paper this time around, last time I used tissue paper, and they both work equally as well.

I used two layers of green, at the bottom, which will be the back of the rosette, followed by one of white and one of orange. To make a more fuller rosette, use more layers.

Lay them on top of each other and line them up and then begin to make a fan fold along the 45cm side – folding over by about 3cms, flipping the paper over, and folding over the same width, flipping back and folding over and so on. We all made paper fans as kids, so it’s the same motion.

When the whole length has been folded over itself, secure around the middle with some floristry wire or some cotton. I used wire this time as I had it to hand, but last year I used cotton thread which worked all the same.

A bit of a blurry pic below, but you then round off each end, all the way through the layers with a pair of scissors.

Then, on either side of the wire/cotton pull the fan out gently, and then begin to prise apart the layers into ruffles – be careful and kind because you don’t want to rip the paper! As you do it, it will become apparent what the best technique is for you – it is hard to describe, so I hope my photos explain a little better!

Once you have the shape and fluff you desire, hang on your door knocker, or place in a bowl, or hang from the ceiling – or wherever you want them to be!

Here is a photo of one that I did for last year’s Royal Wedding – I used tissue paper for these and did a lot more layers giving a much fuller look.

I love them! They’re very easy and quick to make, and quite therapeutic too! I’ll be making them for this year’s Diamond Jubilee in June :)

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