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I don’t know about you, but when we go away on holiday, be it a short break, long weekend, or a 2/3 week family holiday overseas (or in the UK!), I have to write out a packing list. Since we are going away twice this year overseas, as well as a couple of long weekends planned, I thought it would be a good idea to create some packing list printables…and today I’m sharing them with you!

Holiday/Vacation Packing Lists [Free #Printables] | The Purple Pumpkin Blog

This is another big set, containing 21 free printables for all your packing needs! I’ve tried to think of as many possibilities as I can, so I do hope that you’ll find one or two (or several) that will be useful for you.

There are lists for a short trip and for a long trip. When it comes to a short trip or a long weekend – 3/4 days, I tend to write out exactly what clothes I plan on taking with me. For a longer trip I just go generic and jot down things like “tops”, “bottoms”, “underwear” etc and how many of each thing. So, rambling, what I’ve done for the short trip is allow four boxes for each day – with enough room to write what you plan on taking with you.

Holiday/Vacation Packing Lists [Free #Printables] | The Purple Pumpkin Blog

I’ve pre-filled the other parts of the list – toiletries/medical, personal items, travel comforts, gadgets, documents, useful items – I *think* I’ve covered every eventuality, and you can cross out what isn’t applicable to your trip. I’ve also included a before departure box so that you can check off the things that need to be done before you leave.

Now, as well as that list, I’ve included exactly the same layout, but two types of blank templates for you to fill as you please – one with the titles of each section with check boxes, and one completely black with check boxes to make your own categories. On top of that, there are also lists with space for the name of the person you are packing for – handy if you’ve got children or other people you need to pack for.

I’ve done pretty much the same for long trips…this time I’ve added a clothing list – it’s for both male/female, so again cross off where needed, or use a blank template instead!

Holiday/Vacation Packing Lists [Free #Printables] | The Purple Pumpkin Blog

As with all my other free organising printables I’ve made them in three different sizes. I’ll be printing mine off in A4 size, which is the standard size of folders here in the UK and fits nicely inside my home organising folder (more on that another time)

I’ve also done them in A5 (half A4) and also the US standard (or what I seem to understand) of 8.5″x11″. I did debate about re-sizing to A5 as that makes the list quite small, but some of you might have tiny writing!

Each file is zipped into a zip file which will need to be unzipped to get all the files out.

Here are the downloads…if you use them I would love to hear that you did!…And where you went on your trip!

Holiday Packing Lists – A4
Holiday Packing Lists – A5
Holiday Packing Lists – 8.5 X 11″

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