Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter to you all!

He Is Risen - #Easter Poster #Art
Download He is Risen Easter Poster Art (8″x10″ PDF)

I’ve got all of my family coming today for lunch…a spring lamb stew is in the slow cooker, and I’m also roasting a chicken for those who don’t like lamb! I’ve made a colourful salad and roasting some Cyprus potatoes too – I love cooking for my family and feeling quite prepared today instead of a rushing around mess that I sometimes allow myself to get in to!

I decorated yesterday for Easter – a gorgeous bunch of yellow tulips sits on the window ledge (my mantle equivalent!) along with bowls of fuzzy chicks, a rabbit and some love birds. My cat Pumpkin isn’t overly impressed since this is her spot!

#Easter Decorations

Yellow #Tulips

Download Easter 2013 Subway Art Free Printable [8″x10″ PDF]
I discovered a ton of fuzzy chicks that I had left over from the Easter Chick Wreath I made last year (and which I finally found yesterday as well!), and used them up by filled a couple of goldfish bowls with shredded green paper, and adding the fuzzy chicks on top. I had some daisy stickers that I stuck around the edges.



I filled up a basket that I had with pink and blue [plastic] speckled eggs and some more fuzzy chicks. Easy, simple, quick.



I thought I’d share this today since I’ve grabbed a spare moment before going into the kitchen to make some cookies and cupcakes. I’m also making some cinnamon balls and macaroons – recipes from my mother-in-law that she makes for Pesach – Passover which has fallen around the same time as Easter. My husband is Jewish and I’ve been promising him that I will make these one day – and today’s that day!

However you celebrate Easter, I hope have a lovely day with your friends and families – that is what Sundays are all about!

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