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I don’t really want to publish a half finished post for Crafty October, but, since my printer is out of two ink colours, printing these off for myself to show you how they look might be a few days! So I thought at the very least I will share the printable with you.

So here are 6 Halloween Circle Punch Designs I’ve designed. Simply cut out using a 2″ circle punch, mount onto a piece of backing card, stick to a lolly stick, and insert into cupcakes for Halloween! You could also use these on my Halloween Snack Boxes, you could punch a hole at the top and bottom of each circle and thread through a straw, you could make napkin rings out of them…that’s why they’re just called circle punch designs rather than assigning them as something specific!

Just download them from my website and print out for your own personal use!

Halloween Circle Punch Designs


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