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With the invitations sent, menu planned (with most of the food prepared) and the place settings made, it was time for me to lay the table for my Halloween ‘Better Late Than Never‘ Dinner Party!

I started with my blank canvas (the table) and threw over a brown table cloth to start with, followed by layering three (yes, three!) other table cloths! One was a see-through black tablecloth with silver spider webs printer over it, the next was an orange table cloth and then finally a mesh type covering with more spider webs.

I had bought some gorgeous purple chargers from The Range which I placed around the table – it was a bit of a squeeze for eight people, and I am longing for the day when I have a separate dining room with space for a large dining table!

Since I would be serving the food individually from the kitchen, I didn’t need to place out crockery, and instead, used the chargers to lay out all the other goodies I had for my guests.

Starting with black linen napkins, which I folded into squares and lay on top of the chargers and then lay the menu on top of that. Ideally I would have had side plates…but no room!

Next came the Halloween crackers that I bought from Tesco, a little plastic skeleton and the name places that I had made the day before.

In addition to the glasses which I had bought at Wilko (and went with the jugs I had also bought from there), I added some of the tea-light holders that I had made along the middle of the table, with the view to build up my centerpiece with decorations I had bought.

I had some skulls, skeleton parts, pumpkins, toadstools and berries, some were old decorations, some new. I just placed them down and moved things around until I was happy with the layout!

What came next…oh yes, cutlery! A teaspoon for dessert, a soup spoon and a knife and fork. I couldn’t quite fit them in, so had to offset them slightly.

Then I remembered I had some little shot glasses and jellybeans, and wanting to use them I filled each shot glass with jellybeans and set out next to the glasses.

And then I remembered that I had bought some bags of chocolates and little trick or treat bags, so got to work sharing all the candy out between the bags and placing on top of the chargers next to the Halloween crackers! I’m getting forgetful in my old age lol!

Finally, as if there wasn’t enough already on the table…I scattered over some left over candy corn pieces that didn’t quite make it into the pots for the place names!

With the table all set and decorated, pretty much how I pictured it in my mind, it was simply a matter of waiting for my guests to arrive that evening ^_^

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