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I really didn’t know what to call these, so I went for Captain Obvious and called them ‘Glow Stick Cardboard Tube Monsters’. Creative, I know!

Glow Stick Cardboard Tube Monsters at The Purple Pumpkin Blog

Okay, so I’ve cheated a little on this one…I made this a few weeks back as an experiment for when Halloween gets closer and when I will make a lot more of them to go in the bushes in the front garden to spook the trick or treaters who knock on our door :D

But, I just didn’t get a chance to craft today, and since this was already part done, I thought it best to share something, rather than nothing!

Just take a bunch of cardboard tubes – I used toilet roll inners, but you could cut down kitchen towel tubes, or even the inside of a roll of wrapping paper. Paint them black, then cut out scary faces with a craft knife (cut carefully so as not to catch your fingers).

When you are ready to display them, snap a glow stick to activate it, then pop inside – I secured mine with some tape. Then, hide them in the bushes to spook passers by at Halloween!

Glow Stick Cardboard Tube Monsters at The Purple Pumpkin Blog

Sorry for the need for sunglasse when looking at the above picture – realising that the first image isn’t going to explain anything, I felt the need to take this photograph, just now, with flash, on white paper. Don’t ask! I’m tired!

I will re-post when I’ve got all of my spooky glow stick cardboard tube monsters [rolleyes] finished – I’m sure they’re going to look fab!

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