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I thought I’d done this post, but it would seem that I haven’t!

Part of making a traditional fruit cake involves ‘feeding’ it – usually with brandy, or rum, or whisky…mine has been fed with brandy this year as that’s what I had in the liquor cabinet ;)

So here’s my baked fruit cake using Delia Smith’s Christmas cake kit from Waitrose. Nice and dark (not burnt)! I wrapped my cake up in baking parchment/greaseproof paper and then again with tin foil. The greaseproof paper protects it from the foil…and stored in a cool dark place.

To feed my cake I poked holes in the top with a wooden skewer…

Then using spoonfuls of brandy, poured (as best I could) the liquid into the cake…


And it’s as easy as that! Normally I’d make a Christmas cake weeks and weeks in advance and feed it each week to make a nice boozy cake for Christmas, but this was quite last minute so I’ve only fed the cake twice – but each time I unwrap it from the baking parchment and tin foil, the fumes knock me out!

I covered my cake with marzipan today in preparation for royal icing in a day or so…post coming soon!

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