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Welcome to Day 7 of Crafty October – a month of Halloween ideas at The Purple Pumpkin Blog! Don’t forget to check out last year’s ideas if you need more inspiration.

Last Thursday we nipped to Aldi as I received one of their Special Buys email newsletters and they had a few Halloween goodies that I wanted to purchase ^_^ It doesn’t matter how much Halloween stuff I have, I buy more every year! I can’t resist!

Among my haul were some ice cube trays in various spooky shapes, so I have used those today to create Eerie Ice Cubes!

Eerie Ice Cubes for #Halloween #CraftyOctober

At £1.99 each, these ice cube trays could also be used as moulds for candy melts or chocolate. They’re silicone which makes turning them out very easy. There were three designs available – bats, pumpkins & skulls and ghosts. I bought the first two as you can see below.

Eerie Ice Cubes for #Halloween #CraftyOctober

Yes, I could have used these to make plain water ice-cubes, but why not colour them up to add a splash of colour to drinks?

For the purpose of this post, I used food colouring to dye the water before freezing it, but food colouring does not taste nice! You’d want to flavour the water first with fruit squash or juice and maybe deepen the colour with food colouring.

So for the bats, I would go for a blackcurrant cordial and drop in a splash of black food dye. Each tray needs about ¼ pint of liquid to fill. I used 1 tsp of food colouring per quarter pint of water.

Eerie Ice Cubes for #Halloween #CraftyOctober

Eerie Ice Cubes for #Halloween #CraftyOctober

So that the eerie ice cubes hold their shape for longer, you’re going to water to pop them in very cold drink. I didn’t do that…the drink was room temp. They started melting pretty quickly when I took them in the garden to photograph – today has been unseasonally warm!!

Eerie Ice Cubes for #Halloween #CraftyOctober

I used a green/yellow food colouring for the skulls – you could use lemon cordial or limeade. For the pumpkins, I had to use red as I was out of orange – very annoying! I should have done purple shouldn’t I?!

You could use orange juice for the pumpkin shapes…

Eerie Ice Cubes for #Halloween #CraftyOctober

Eerie Ice Cubes for #Halloween #CraftyOctober

Today was another quick make from me for Crafty October, I’m not very time rich at the moment, but I love to share something new each day!

You could make a huge batch of these for your Halloween party – once the trays have set, turn them out and place into a freezer bag and put back in the fridge till required – then keep making batches of eerie ice cubes until you have enough for your needs.

They would look great in a huge jug filled with a clear drink – lemonade or soda water, especially if you make the cubes in lots of different colours.

You could pour cream into them and freeze the shapes to make a floater for hot chocolate or coffee. Similarly, you could colour milk and have milk ice cubes for milkshakes.

A simple idea, but one that can be lots of fun for the kids…or you could make more grown up and add a little booze to the mix!

I am hosting a month long Halloween Link Party to celebrate Crafty October and would love for you to share your Halloween ideas – crafts, recipes, costumes, parties…anything goes, as long as it is family friendly! It’s my favourite time of year, (as you may well know!) and I can’t wait to see what you link up!


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