Disney Villains Cupcake Toppers – Free Printables | Crafty October Day 3

Disney Villains Cupcake Toppers - Free Printables + TONS of FREE Halloween Printables on this website. MUST PIN THIS!

I’m back-posting at the moment in a bid to catch up with myself for Crafty October 2016, so expect lots of printables from me this year, as these are the quickest and easiest things I can create for Halloween. Normally by now I’ve got a huge stash of crafty bits and bobs to make things, but being on holiday has put everything on a bit of a back burner.

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My plan for this year’s Halloween party at home is themed around our recent Walt Disney Holiday. As such, I’ve entitled it “Shellbe’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party” as a play on Mickey’s party of the same name. Shellbe is one of my nicknames, in case you wondered!

For these printables, I’ve used 24 Villains, using 7 different colour themes. Within each set are 4 Disney Villains, plus a selection of other Halloween themed toppers. You can see (nearly) all of them in the image at the top of this post, and the others in the picture below.  Stick to one colour, or mix and match them. (Yeah, I’ve got myself confused too!)

Disney Villains Cupcake Toppers - Free Printables + TONS of FREE Halloween Printables on this website. MUST PIN THIS!

When I make sets of printables, I have them all matching, so by the end of this collection, you’ll have everything you need to throw your own Not-So-Scary Halloween Party too!

How to assemble cupcake toppers

Simply download the design(s) you want, onto thick paper or thin card.
Cut out with a 2″ circle punch or scissors.
Secure to a cocktail stick with a little tape at the back.
You could also cut out a slightly larger circle of contrasting coloured card, and attach that as a backing to hide the tape.
Finally pop into cupcakes and you are done!

Here are last year’s cupcake toppers – I’ve not had any time to print these new ones yet! But you get the idea of how my cupcake toppers work (it’s really not that hard!)

Halloween Cupcake Toppers - The Nightmare Before Christmas - Free Printables

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Crafty October 2016

Crafty October is a month long series on The Purple Pumpkin Blog, where I share an idea a day for Halloween + Autumn. All ideas for Crafty October 2016 are here.

The printable document(s) is (are) a PDF and can be opened with Adobe Reader which is free to use.
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