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In all the madness, I forgot to blog about the last minute Easter gifts I made – Candy Melt Candies using Wilton’s Candy Melts!

They really were last minute – made on Easter Sunday morning in less than an hour!

Now, of course, I made these for Easter…but that was a couple of weeks ago now -__- but as long as you’ve got some Candy Melts (or chocolate) and some candy moulds, you can knock these out very quickly and give as homemade gifts for any occasion :)

I’ve used Candy Melts before, I even blogged about it…but let me quickly recap…pour some Candy Melts into a microwave proof bowl – and melt in the microwave…simples!

Just follow the instructions on the back of the package and you can’t go wrong – trust me!

After the candy has melted, I poured it into a piping bag and piped the molten candy into the moulds – but you can just as easily spoon it in with a teaspoon.

A couple of taps to shake out the air bubbles, and into the fridge to harden up – for all of about 15 minutes I think…you can see when they’re done – they change colour slightly!

To turn out, you give the plastic moulds a little twist and they tumble onto the counter.

I also had some silicone moulds that I was worried about using as I’ve not used them before…but they too were really easy. They just popped out, with a gentle prising…even the bunny ears and chick legs didn’t snap!

I did overfill these a bit, which meant that when I turned them out there was excess Candy Melts hanging around the edges – not the end of the world, and I’m sure a pro would file them down or something :D I’ll just use less candy next time!

So I had Easter eggs…

…and baby chicks.

Bunny wabbits…

…and more eggs and chicks.

All bagged up in clear plastic food bags and tied up with a green ribbon!

Last minute but thoughtful! Give it a try!

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