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Beach Bathroom Reveal - with ideas and inspiration for creating a beach themed bathroom in your home. Includes day-by-day renovation photos, Bathroom Takeaway bathroom (Ad), mosaic tiles, beach themed accessories, and before and after photographs!

Today I can finally reveal our new bathroom from Bathroom Takeaway! We are really pleased with the finished room, and it’s such a joy to use. Whilst we have the new bathroom suite, and tiles in, we still have a few final bits to get done. This includes painting the ceiling (it’s not as white as we thought it was), painting the door frame (ditto), and installing the new light fitting. We’ve been very busy, and trying to fit everything in on the weekends is a bit tricky, but we’ll get there! These things don’t really matter though to my reveal, as you can’t see them.

Here is our new bathroom in all its glory (and as much as I could get in the photo!) It feels so bright, fresh, and clean, and somehow, even bigger than it was before.

Beach Bathroom - Bathroom Takeaway

Below is a before and after shot – what a difference! You can also see more of our old bathroom in my Nautical/Beach Bathroom Inspiration post. It’s a great post for me to look back on as well to see how different the bathroom looks now – and to see if I implemented any of the original ideas I had for it.

Naturally I also took progress photographs, and you can see those, and a video too here: Bathroom Renovation – Day by Day

New Bathroom - Before & After

Bathroom Takeaway

I worked with Bathroom Takeaway on this project, and they provided all of the bathroom furniture.  I mixed and matched pieces from their online store, rather than choosing a suite. That said, I think that everything I picked works together very well, and you don’t know how pleased I am to have lots of storage in the bathroom now! I can fit all of our toiletries in the drawers, and cupboards in the vanity unit, and the storage units. This in turn has freed up space in the landing cupboard, so it’s win-win all around.

Here are the products from Bathroom Takeaway that we used in our Beach Bathroom:

I personally love the p-shaped bath with the shower screen door – no more clingy plastic shower curtain any more. The mixer tap has a built-in anti-scald feature which is very handy, and my son loves that there are 3 different settings on the shower head. Everyone who has used our new bathroom comments on the lovely waterfall tap on the sink unit. This type of tap reminds me of staying in a posh hotel, so naturally, I think it’s awesome!

Bathroom Tiles

I also love the tiles I chose, which were provided by British Ceramic Tile. I did have a moment of panic that maybe I’d made a mistake, but once they were up in place and grouted, I realised they were perfect! I love all the different hues of blues and greens on the mosaic tiles which surround the bath and shower. Photographs do not do the tiles justice at all! I’m so glad that we used strips of the mosaic tiles to create a border around the room, which helps to break up the large white tiles. For the floor, the sandy coloured tiles makes me think of the beach every time I step foot in the bathroom!

During the planning of our bathroom I wrote 10 Tips For Choosing Bathroom Tiles that I hope you will find helpful.

You might also want to check out my Tips For Surviving A Bathroom Renovation – especially if you only have one bathroom! We certainly learned a lot along the way!

Beach Bathroom - Bathroom Takeaway

Finishing Touches

Looking back on my initial bathroom inspiration post, I can see that many things were implemented, but some were not. It wasn’t really until after the bathroom was finished that I decided what the finishing touches would work best.

I knew that seashells would be a big feature, because I’ve collected lots of them over the years, and they are one of my favourite natural decorations. At the time of taking the photographs of the bathroom for this post, I hadn’t actually located my seashell collection… it was still in hiding since we moved to this house 3 years ago! But my husband found them in the end! I placed them inside a large glass bottle, and they now sit on top of the toilet unit.

Beach Bathroom Inspiration - Bottle of seashells

Similarly, my large conch shell was also MIA. I bought that shell when I was in primary school! How crazy is that? It was for sale at one of our school bazaars, and I simply had to have it! To think that, that seashell is over 30 years old is just madness! The cowrie shell is from my Fatherland – Cyprus – and I bought that many years ago on a family holiday.

In fact, it’s Cyprus that spawned my love of seashells from a young age. My dad used to go diving for them in the sea when I was tiny, and bring them back for me. I would watch as his orange flippers would rise above the water as he dove down for them. And panic until I could see him again! Sometimes he would take my sister and me out with him, us clinging tightly to an airbed! And then, when I was old enough, I would go snorkelling myself. Ahh, the memories that a simple seashell can bring back!

Beach Bathroom - Conch Shell

During the bathroom renovation, Lidl were having a nautical themed week, and several items caught my eye: the candle jar, the fish and seashell hooks (which are hung on the back of the door), and the wooden storage box. I also bought the spiral seashell light pull from Amazon – it’s now sold out, so I’m very glad I bought it! It was the one I included in my inspiration post, and it’s just perfect.

I bought some new turquoise hand and face towels. The hand towels are hung on the new towel radiator (always wanted one of those!), and I’ve folded up the face towels and placed them in a little plastic box for now. I want to get some wicker baskets for the top of these units, but haven’t found quite the right ones yet.

In case you are wondering where the bathroom mirror is – my husband still needs to hang the round extendable mirror we’ve bought. It’ll go in the same place on the window frame as the old one we had. I also want to buy a round mirror to sit on the wall between the two windows – again, I haven’t found the right one yet. Loo roll holder – not sure what we are doing about that yet – thinking about a free standing one to sit next to the storage units. For the dustbin, it was only after everything was fitted that we realised that we didn’t have space for a bin! Fortunately, I found a slimline soft close pedal bin online, and it slots in the space between the toilet and sink units perfectly.

Now that the room is finished, I realise that there is a great expanse of white wall that looks a little too bare for my liking. We did used to have a mirrored cabinet on the wall opposite the toilet, but I had planned to put either a print of one of my photographs there (seashell, naturally!) or a big mirror. The jury is still out. I’ll sit on my ideas for a while until I come up with a solution. I don’t want to make a mistake here, because drilling into tiles, isn’t going to be easy to hide if we do something wrong!

I hope you have enjoyed the progress of our new beach bathroom. I am so excited to finally share it! Let me know what you think in the comments.

Beach Bathroom - Bathroom Takeaway

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