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I’m pretty rubbish at making and baking bread, and whilst I’d love to be making bread of a semi-regular basis, I just don’t – because of my rubbishness!

I know that I have often bought flour and yeast and thrown them in the cupboard with the promise to bake more fresh bread, but then I don’t, and I end up throwing the ingredients away after they are well out of date >_<

I do love a bread mix though – they generally seem to work for me – not sure why, but they just do. Aldi sent me a couple of their mixes to bake with at home, so that’s exactly what I did yesterday – and whilst I’m no Paul Hollywood, I didn’t do too bad of a job! Actually, I shouldn’t take all the credit, because hubster did the mixing part for me ^_^

I had a packet each of white crusty bread and wholemeal bread mixes, which can be made by hand or using a bread machine – just add water! So easy, even someone who can’t make bread (me) can do it.

The home baking range from Aldi is called The Pantry, and they stock several different ingredients that you can use to bake at home. These mixes are just 65p each!

All we had to do was dump the mix into a bowl and add lukewarm water, bring it together to form a dough, leave it to rest, knead it and then leave it to rise before baking…simples.



We made the crusty white mix into little rolls – 10 of them, and the wholemeal into a round-ish loaf, as we didn’t have any loaf tins to hand. We left the dough to rise for around 40 minutes. Baking always fascinates me – to see the bread come to life as it doubles in volume!

After baking in the oven – fresh bread always smells awesome, it was time to take our homemade bread out and sample it – hot with butter! Not being quite sure that it would actually work – we ended up with fluffy, tasty bread, and the crusty white rolls were really that – crusty on the top and soft in the middle – the perfect bread roll!


Are you a baker? Or are you rubbish at it like me? Do you ever buy bread mixes?

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