7 Unusual Gifts for New Homeowners

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7 Unusual Gifts for New Homeowners

Buying your first home is a massive achievement. It’s a big step for a young family or a true statement of independence for a singleton moving into their own place. Either way, it should be marked appropriately. Greeting cards celebrating the occasion are a lovely gesture but it is nice to make that bit of extra effort to capitalise on the excitement or just make the transition easier for your friend. Here are a few ideas for gifts which new homeowners will love.

Single Cup Coffee Machine

This is an especially great gift for those who have a new arrival in the family! You can get a good coffee machine for under £50 and it is a valuable addition to most kitchens. The sleep-deprived parent will be your best friend for the foreseeable future if you gift them this.

A Trip to Ikea

Give your friend the gift of your time (and your car boot) by ferrying them to that much-needed Ikea visit. Every new homeowner needs at least one trip to the wide blue yonder to get everything from houseplants to a tin opener. To make the visit that bit extra special treat your friend to a plate of Swedish meatballs.

Family Portrait

Get a photograph from a place like the portrait studio at Venture to get provide your friend with a truly special gift. Organise for the family to get a portrait taken, this will serve as a reminder of a very special time in the family’s life; a perfect gift to go up above their new fire place.

Interior Designer Consultation

One of the most exciting aspects of moving into a new home is dreaming up what you are going to do with the empty spaces. Hire your friend an expert to help them with this thrilling stage of home-owning. They will not have to commit to any further spend but will get great ideas for the various rooms.

Flowers at Epcot World Showcase

A Beginner’s Gardening Kit

This may not work if your friend is moving into a flat with no outside space (although there are various indoor gardening activities to partake in) but the garden is an exciting space to consider this time of year. Help them get the garden they want by making up a kit of tools, seeds and plant pots to organise their outdoor area.

An Original Piece of Art

A unique piece of artwork to make their home unique (in contrast to the ubiquitous Ikea products!) makes for a lovely thoughtful gift. Visit a website such as artgallery.co.uk to see what affordable pieces are available.

A Boring Stuff Hamper

There are so many things that you need to spend money on when moving into a new home, from bin bags to wardrobes. Alleviate the need for your friend to purchase all the boring items such as bleach, clothes pegs and cutlery by making them up a ‘boring stuff hamper’. It may not be their most exciting house warming present, but it’ll be the most useful.

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