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Christmas is the the time of year when we will always get out a few board games to play as a family. It can get quite competitive in our household when it comes to family board games! I went out shopping for some last minute Christmas gifts and bought two new games to add to the stacks that we already have and can’t wait to play them. One is based on the television show, The Cube, and I can see that that game is going to get extremely competitive between us all!

I’ve made a list of 45 family board games – many are games that we own and enjoy playing, some are games that I’ve wanted to play, some are silly, some are for grown up families, some are completely new to me!

In a digital world, classic board games that don’t involve a screen are a fab and fun way to spend time with family and friends! I love that some of these classics have got different versions, for example, we have a Disney Monopoly we bought out in Orlando; and there is also versions for different cities too. Trivial Pursuit is another classic game with several different editions – we have an 80s version as well (of course!) as Disney!

45 Family Board Games

  1. Hotel Tycoon – Jet around the board snapping up the title deeds, building, and developing your hotels. Welcome your guests hoping that they stay long enough to bankrupt themselves when its time to pay the bill!
  2. The Chase – Players must stay one step ahead of the Chaser – ruthless and brilliant quiz geniuses determined to stop you winning, at all costs!
  3. Boggle – Are you a word whiz? Get ready to use your vocabulary skills and show off your lingual abilities as you try and find as many words possible on the 4×4 letter grid before the timer runs out!
  4. Cards Against Humanity UK Edition – The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a Black Card, and everyone else answers with their funniest White Card. (For grown up families!)
  5. Best of British – A hilarious picture driven question board game focused on the quirky humour of everyday British life, from lolly-pop ladies and conkers to fish and chips and Dennis the Menace!
  6. Cranium – Show off your hidden talents with this wacky game of Cranium which includes 400 of the best mind (and body!) bending challenges from the Cranium game over the years! You can spell, puzzle, act, hum and guess your way to victory within 4 categories!
  7. Absolute Balderdash – The better you are at fibbing the more likely you are to win! Pit your wits against your opponents by writing wacky or serious answers to obscure questions
  8. Tension – The crazy naming game is a fast and frantic frenzy to be the first to call out solutions to each given subject on the cards, but only those matching the answers on the card will score!
  9. Rapidough – Fun team game of sculpting charades! Each turn the teams’ sculptors must mould whatever is on their card out of dough.
  10. Classic Games Compendium –  Classic board games slide neatly into the main box.
  11. Scrabble – The world’s most popular word game! Players attempt to build interlocking words – crossword fashion – on the Scrabble® playing board.
  12. Yahtzee – It’s the classic dice-rolling challenge of Yahtzee, and you’ll shake, score and shout! Can you roll the right combinations to beat the competition? With each round, decide which dice to keep on your first, second and third rolls, then roll again or play it as it lays.
  13. The London Board Game – A classic race through London’s Underground. Be the first commuter to travel to each of your landmarks and get back to your start station. Watch out for station closures and hazards.
  14. Smart Ass – Each Who, What and Where am I? card has ten clues, and the first player to yell out the correct answer moves one step closer to being the ultimate “Smart Ass.”
  15. Jenga Boom – The excitement and suspense build as the timer ticks down! Can you stack your block before the tower Booms?
  16. Think Words – Players pick a category card, start the timer, and have ten seconds to name a word related to that category before pressing the used letter and passing it on to the next player.
  17. Labyrinth – A race for treasures in a moving maze. Be the first to collect all your treasures by shifting the walls of the Labyrinth to create a clear path.
  18. Monopoly – Travel around the board to get your hands on Mayfair, Oxford Street or Marylebone Station and buying up roads of London Property.
  19. Game of Life – What choices will you make in this game? Will you choose the college path to get a higher-paying job, or choose a career and get paid sooner? Pop a peg in your car and move along the board, making lots of choices along the way.
  20. Cluedo –  The classic murder mystery game. Six suspects. One murderer. One weapon. One location. And, of course, one winner.
  21. Pictionary – The beloved board game of quick sketches and hilarious guesses now features a new board for faster game play. And there are two levels of clues (1200 Adult, 800 Junior) so that everyone can play!
  22. The Logo Board Game – Get ready for a fun board game battle featuring company and product Logos that you know and love – can you name them all?
  23. Uno – One of the world’s most popular family card games! A fast-paced card game – race to get rid of all your cards first, but watch out for the special action cards.
  24. Don’t Panic – A naming word association board game. Start the timer and quickly name things which are associated to the words on the card.
  25. Trivial Pursuit Family Edition – A quick-play family game. With 2,400 questions about the things you know – 1,200 for adults and 1,200 for children – this game is packed with laughter and learning for a party especially designed for you and your family.
  26. Bed Bugs – Remove the plastic bed bugs from a vibrating bed with oversized tweezers. The first to get all your bed bugs out of the bed wins.
  27. Family Fortunes –  Play against a rival team and compete against the clock to find the most popular answers from a list of humorous questions, with often hilarious results!
  28. Articulate – An outrageously simple, fast and hugely entertaining game. Played in teams, the idea is to describe as many words as possible to your team-mates in just 30 seconds, without saying rhymes with or sounds like
  29. Classic Catchphrase – Based on the famous ITV game show, Classic Catchphrase is a simple but highly addictive.
  30. Yes! No! – The Yes! No! Game takes no prisoners. Take a card and read the quick fire question to the opponent, if the answer is yes or no, ring the bell and keep that card!
  31. Scattergories – Rack your brain for items that fit the category. Can you think of articles of clothing, things you fold, or things at the beach that start with S? You score points when you come up with things that no one else does.
  32. Scotland Yard – Mr X is on the run and it’s up to the detectives at Scotland Yard to track him down and stop him. This great family board game is one of classic cat and mouse.
  33. Taboo – A game of forbidden words, can provide tons of fun and keep you sitting on the edge of our seat! You want your team to say the guess word on the card, but you can’t use any of the forbidden words in your clues.
  34. Sort It Out! – Who knows the biggest, fastest, loudest, smallest, longest everything? Sort it Out! is a fast-paced game where knowing just a little about something can help you win everything!
  35. Pictureka! – The exciting picture-hunting board game with nine large game tiles and 55 mission cards. Get ready to spot the pictures on your chosen card. But don’t dawdle; you’re up against the clock!
  36. Star Wars Risk Game – The classic game of Risk with a Star Wars twist!
  37. Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga Death Star – Ready, aim, fire! Now, two popular favorites come together for a totally fun gaming experience! Star Wars meets Angry Birds in this galactic battle. Launch birds from the X- Wing Fighter launcher to knock down the Darth Vader and Stormtrooper pigs. Do you have what it takes to destroy the Jenga Death Star?
  38. The Cube – The ultimate test of daring, courage and skill which the whole family can now play at home. As the pressure and your pulse rate start to rise, what should be simple games, take on epic proportions when played in The Cube.
  39. Buckaroo! – The classic balancing game of suspense and surprise. Load up the moody mule as much as you can but be careful he might ‘Buckaroo’!
  40. Pig Out! – Grab the snout and hog your way through the trough to try and collect as much fruit as possible!
  41. Pictopia – Families team up in this uniquely collaborative yet competitive trivia game, with 1,000 questions covering the world of Disney. A great game of teamwork with a competitive twist.
  42. 5 Second Rule – It should be easy to name 3 breeds of dog; but can you do it under the pressure of 5 seconds twisting away? Time’s not on your side, so just say whatever comes to mind and risk ridiculous answers slipping out!
  43. Ker-Plunk – A nerve racking game of skill and judgement. Choose a stick, pull it out. Choose carefully – pull the wrong one and “Ker-plunk”, the game is over.
  44. Pointless – Plumb the depths of your knowledge to find the answers that nobody else thought of
  45. Playing Cards – when all else fails, break out a pack of playing cards!

Are your favourite family board games in my list? What’s your favourite board game?

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