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I was sent a package of craft supplies from Bostik to make something for Valentine’s Day, and me, being me couldn’t make one thing, I had to make three! These crafts are quick and easy and a great set of craft ideas that you could do with your kids.

With the supplies I was sent (and a little addition of a few things from my craft stash) I made a Valentine’s Card, a Box of Reasons and a Heart Shaped Pillow and now I’m going to show you how to make them too.

3 Quick & Easy #Valentines #Crafts [Bostik Craft Club]

So this was the little lot that I was sent…there was red glittery felt, a heart shaped box, red and white card, a heart shape covered with red glitter, all purpose glue and foam pads.

‘Valentine… You Make My Heart Pop!’ Card

Whilst I was brainstorming with myself for things to make with the craft supplies, I remembered the pop up cards that we would make as children in primary school, and so, decided to make a pop up card for the first project.

You will need:

  • red card
  • white card, folded in half + envelope to fit
  • 7cm strip white card
  • red glitter heart shape (or cut a heart from some read card)
  • Bostik all purpose glue
  • red glitter
  • ‘Valentine…You Make My’ template (download here)

Print off the “Valentine…You Make My” template onto the red card, cut it to size and glue it to the folded white card. Add a line of glue at the top and bottom and sprinkle over lots of glitter, shaking off the excess. Leave to dry completely.

To print out the template to make this card, just click on the image to the right to download it. You will be able to resize it to your needs.

Now to make the inside…using the glue, carefully write the word ‘pop!’ and then shake loads of glitter on top. Shake off the excess, and leave to dry.

Fold the strip of white card to make a concertina, this will be the spring action for the pop up card. Glue one end to the back of the red glitter heart and leave to dry.

For the final assembly of the card, work out where in the card the heart spring needs to go so that the card will fold properly, and stick in place. Leave to dry one last time.

Write a message to your Valentine and place into the envelope to deliver!



Box of Reasons

A few years ago, for Valentine’s Day, I wrote out a list of 100 reasons why I love my husband as a gift to him. So, remembering that, I thought I would fill the a little box with little hearts and write down some more reasons! You can fill the box up with as many reasons as you can think of, and if you can’t, pad it out at the bottom with some tissue paper! You could also write down different things to do for date nights and pick from it once a week.

For the kids, they could write down things that they love about you, or about their siblings, or grandparents, or other family members.

I think this is a really sweet little idea, and it’s the simplest one to make out of all three! Even if you have zero crafting skills I reckon you could easily make this!

You will need:

  • 1 heart shaped box
  • pink card
  • red card
  • black pen
  • Bostik sticky foam pads

Draw around the base of the box to create a template. You will have to cut about half a centimetre inside the line so that you can fit your heart shape inside the box. When you’re happy with the size and shape, use that template to cut out lots of hearts from the red and pink card.

Write down all your reasons for loving the person that you’re giving this on one side of the card hearts.

On one of them write “I ♥ You Because…”, this will go at the very top.

Using the box lid, draw around it to create another heart for the outside of the box. On this heart, write ‘A Box of Reasons’ and attach it with some of the sticky foam pads. This is an optional step, but the type of box I had, couldn’t be written on with pen.

Pop the lid back on, and give to your Valentine to open for those times that they need a little reminder of why they are loved!



Heart Shaped Pillow


I was left with the red glittery felt and decided to make a stuff heart. I was going to make it as a hangy decoration, but then, I realised I’d forgotten to add the ribbon on the inside when sewing, so instead, turned it into a little pillow. It makes a cute little decoration, and is fairly simple for children to do, if they are able to hold a blunt needle and thread, as it only takes a simple stitch to join the hearts together for stuffing.

You will need…

  • 1 A4 size sheet red glittery felt
  • scissors
  • length of red thread
  • 1 blunt sewing needle
  • soft toy stuffing
  • pins
  • heart shape template

Fold the felt in half with the glitter sides facing each other and pin the heart template to it so that the pins go through both layers of felt.

Carefully cut around the template, and then remove the pins and the template. Place the pins back in if you wish to keep the two hearts in place as you sew.

Using red thread, start sewing the two hearts together with an over stitch (check the image below for how the stitch is made).

Leave a gap of about 5cm along one side and turn the heart inside-out so that you can stuff it. Add as much stuffing as you need to create a nice heart shape.

Carefully sew up the gap and tie off the thread, cutting away any excess.



Disclosure: I am part of the Bostik Family Craft Bloggers Network and was sent these supplies to craft with and write this post. Check out my other Bostik Family Crafts.

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