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100 Days of Disney 2015

I must be stark raving bonkers to be attempting another 100 Days of Disney series, but with that time to go now until our Halloween In The Wilderness 2015 trip, I need to buck up my ideas and get into the Disney spirit (not that it takes much!)

You may remember my 100 Days of Disney last year, that I started with a friend of mine (who is sadly no longer blogging), where I posted a Disney related post every day for 100 days – sometimes I was a bit late, but all 100 days are there!

I decided to theme each day, making it a bit easier for me to focus my posts, and it is likely that I will do the same again. I should have planned this a bit better, but typical me, leaves it right until the last moment.

Here are the themes and what you can expect from 100 Days of Disney 2015:

And all that is in addition to everything else I have got planned, and need to write about! I told you I was bonkers!

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