Halloween Snack Pots {Crafty October}

I spent yesterday catching up with some crafts for Crafty October, I had a few in place when I got the call for the hospital dash for my sister, and naturally, after a day with her in the labour ward, no crafts took place on that day!

So here, is day 17: Halloween Snack Pots. A nice and easy craft, because, really, I was emotionally shattered after my niece’s birth!

Halloween Snack Pots {Crafty October} at The Purple Pumpkin Blog

I just took some plastic containers that I had in the cupboard and stuck on spooky features with some black vinyl that I cut out – exactly the same way that I did for my Halloween Handwash.
I think they are a cute idea for a party, or to pop into your kid’s lunch boxes for school. I filled these with popcorn, since my boy likes to snack on that, but just put in what ever you like! And of course, depending on the type of container you might want to consider sticking to dry foods!

Halloween Snack Pots {Crafty October} at The Purple Pumpkin Blog

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