Diamond Jubilee Trifle {Diamond Jubilee}

I know, I know, I’ve been slack recently when it comes to blogging – I’ve gotten so busy with work, that blogging has had to take a back burner I’m afraid.  Got things in the pipeline and hope to get a bit more organised so I can blog a bit more often.

Hope you forgive me?!  Thank you :*

Cast your mind back to my Diamond Jubilee Big Lunch Party…well I made this show-stopper of a trifle…

Diamond Jubilee Trifle
And, because I didn’t have room in my fridge to pre-make (and use jelly like I would normally for a trifle), it was all assembled, just moments before my guests arrived!  Easy!

I can’t give quantities of ingredients since it really will depend on the size of your serving dish, but you will need a ready made swiss roll, seedless raspberry jam, selection of summer berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries etc), ready made custard and whipping cream.

Diamond Jubilee Trifle

Then it is as simple as slicing the swiss roll and arranging at the bottom of the dish (and up the sides for a nice display if you like) spooning over the raspberry jam (yes, it does make this very sweet and naughty!), scattering over the berries, pouring over the custard, and finally topping with whipped cream.  If, like me, you have a deep dish, then repeat the swiss roll/jam/fruit layer.  But it’s your trifle – do as you please!

Diamond Jubilee Trifle

To decorate the top I tried to lay out the berries to form a Union Jack….looked great!

Diamond Jubilee Trifle

If I had room in the fridge for my magnificent trifle dish, then I would do a jelly layer instead of jam – making it less sweet – with the jam, this is one sweet dessert!  Nonetheless, people couldn’t wait to dig into this, and it went down a treat!

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    What a lovely suggestion for a dessert!

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