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Tips for Organising a Christmas Party - Themes and Colour Schemes

I have felt like the run up to the holiday season has started way too early this year – Halloween was barely over and the adverts hit us! But, we are now in the later part of November, so I feel fine with thinking ahead to Christmas and what our plans will be. So far, when my family and friends have asked what we’re doing for Christmas, my reply has been “I’ve not even thought that far ahead yet”, mainly because I often leave things to the last minute! That’s doesn’t mean I’m not prepared – I’ve got years of party planning under my belt, and really can pull a party out of my hat with next to no notice…and it’s this experience that helps me write these tips for you!

I’m working with Homebase to bring you this feature, as I did back in the summer.  I’ve decided to split my tips up into several different parts, for a couple of reasons – I don’t want the posts to get too long (as you know, I have a habit of rambling on!) and also, because you may already have your bases covered on one area, but need more ideas in another.  It will all end in the grand finale of our Christmas party which I will be writing about in December!

So this is what is to come:

  • Organisation
  • Food & Drink
  • Tableware – crockery, cutlery, platters etc
  • Table Decor
  • Party Decorations inc. Christmas Tree
  • Music
  • Entertainment
  • Party Time

but I’m starting first with…

Christmas Themes and Colour Schemes

Christmas comes but once a year, and I’m often torn, as I love so many of the different Christmas themes. The way I get around my indecision each year is by having a couple of parties and get togethers! It means I can style each one differently and fulfill my need to do ALL the themes!

I’ve rolled themes and colours schemes into one, simply because, you can’t have one without the other when it comes to Christmas (at least, that’s my thinking!)

For example, when I think of a Nordic theme, I think of red and white and reindeers, and that’s the style I was going for when I set up this table for a Christmas lunch a few years ago.

Red and White Christmas Table Decor

Homebase have got a wide range of Christmas decorations, trees, lights, tableware and home decor that you can use to style your party. I’ve been having a lot of fun creating mood boards in different themes and colour schemes to share with you.

Red & White – Nordic, Scandinavian, Traditional

I LOVE this colour scheme, it’s one of the easiest ones to do, as I bet most of us have got some red and white items at home we can use for a party. I love filling up empty vases with baubles and Christmas ornaments – it makes a great centerpiece for any party table.  Red is such a traditional colour, it’s also romantic, and the red and white is perfect for a Nordic theme.


Black & Purple – Dramatic, Opulent, Luxe

You knew I would be including purple didn’t you? Black and purple has been my favoured colour scheme for our Christmas dinner table for a few years now. Purple is a colour that is rich, full of opulence and luxe. If you want to be a bit dramatic, pairing black with purple is the way to go – at least, it’s the way i go! I’m not a big fan of fussy crockery, but the gorgeous damask dinner service is just, well, too gorgeous to not include in this mood board.


Blue & Silver – Cool, Frozen, Contemporary

Blue and silver is another combination that I really like, and I think one year we did have these colours on our Christmas tree. The colour blue can be a cold, icy colour – especially so when paired with silver. I even felt the difference as I scrolled down from the above images to this! I have to say I’m loving the different coloured reindeer that Homebase have this year!  This theme also feels modern and contemporary and would really suit a trendy, cocktail party.


Gold & Green – Modern, Traditional, Luxurious

Gold is one of those colours that scream Christmas, but I’m not that big a fan of it – that is, until i started to pair it with green decorations and accessories. It has a traditional, yet modern feel to it all. The gold gives an air of luxury too. A small evergreen tree covered in gold ornaments would make a fab centerpiece!


Red, Gold & Green – Traditional, Timeless, Classic

I’m sure everyone out there has at one time or another had red, gold and green as part of their colour scheme at Christmas? You can’t get any more traditional than this! I do love the colour red, (yes, there are other colours I like!) as it’s bold and can make a dramatic statement. How cute is the little train?


Green, Red, White and Brown – Homemade, Natural, Rustic

If you love a homemade, rustic theme, but don’t have a crafty bone in your body, never fear as there is a great range of “homemade” decorations and accessories at Homebase that you can use at your Christmas party. Evergreen trees, wreaths and garlands are perfect for this theme, and you can jazz them up yourself by popping in foraged pinecones, or dried fruits and nuts. I adore the button tree – it’s something I know I could make, but when time is precious – I can also buy one!


ALL The Colours – Cute, Kitsch, Bright

On the complete end of the spectrum is this lovely lot – everything in your face, cutesy, bright, a bit tacky (come on, Christmas can be like that can’t it?!) Awesome for families, for kids and for adults who don’t really want to grow up (me!) This theme is great for a fun party, with a chocolate fountain, cocktails poured in champagne saucers and retro snacks served in funky shaped bowls.

Of course, this post is one big tip, but to break it down…

  1. Know your personal style. Are you bold, traditional, contemporary…?
  2. Design a mood board with all your favourite things – it really does help you to decide what you like and what you don’t!
  3. Look for inspiration everywhere! You’ve got The Purple Pumpkin Blog, there’s Pinterest (awesome place for ideas!), blogs, websites, magazines, television…

Which mood board is your favourite? Let me know in the comments section below this post – or let me know which colours and themes I’ve forgotten about! I’m not sure what my favourite is – told you I was indecisive!

Disclosure: Collaborative post in association with Homebase.

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