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This free Project 365 calendar days free printable is exactly what you need to keep track of your photography project for the new year! For leap years, you will need Project 366 calendar days!

Project 365 Calendar Days Printable & 365 Daily Prompts!

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Project 365 Calendar Days

Project 365 is a wonderful photography project that many people start on the 1st of January. The concept is simple. Take a photo every day for every day of the year.

This may be to document your day-to-day life or that of your children or pets. It could be a way to improve your photography skills (which is why I started it back in 2011!).

You could photograph what you have for dinner each day for 365 calendar days, or document flowers or places you visit or even the mundane things that you wouldn’t ordinarily take a photo of, like of the bookshelf in your home.

It could be a completely random photo each day, taken on the spur of the moment, or a well thought out, staged still-life. Project 365 could be themed each week or month – like colors, or certain objects, or animals or whatever.

And if Project 365 is too much for you, consider Project 52 (which I have also done as a way to give myself a bit of a break but to continue photographing with a purpose).

One thing that can be hard to keep track of, is what the day’s number is – after the 31st of January.

I know from experience you can lose count, so I’ve made this free printable for both a Project 366 calendar (for those pesky leap years!) and for a Project 365 calendar, which you can download the free printables.

You’ll find the downloads at the end of this post surrounded by a purple box.

FREE PRINTABLE! Project 365 and Project 366 Calendar Days - just print this and cross off to keep track of your photography project.

My Project 365 Story

You can read more about my photography journey in Project 365 – and beyond, but in brief, I started my first P365 in 2011 (my photos are on Flickr for that one) and continued to do it every year until 2016 when I needed a bit of a break and turned to Project 52 instead – a photo a week.

I returned in 2017 with a photo a day and had another year off in 2018. I started in 2019 but it fell to the wayside throughout the year and it’ll be the first time I’ve not completed it. I feel sad but also do not berate myself for it.

I know many people give up for one reason or another and that’s okay! But try to stick with it, because it is awesome to look back on your year.

I love to put all of my photos into a photobook. I personally use Snapfish as I find it really easy to use and they often have great discounts! I tend to make my book and wait for a discount to appear on their site to save some money.

Here are all of my Photography projects if you’d like some inspiration.

Project 365 Daily Prompts

Need some inspiration for your daily photographs? Check out my ideas and tips:

Project 366 Calendar Days

2020 is on the horizon, so it means an extra day to photograph something! You’ll need the Project 366 Calendar Days for this year, and for future leap years (every four years).

Leap years over the next decade are 2020, 2024, and 2028.

FREE PRINTABLE! Project 365 and Project 366 Calendar Days - just print this and cross off to keep track of your photography project.

What Camera Should I Use for Project 365?

You do not need a fancy DSLR and tons of lenses to get started. The best camera is the one in your hand.

So if that’s the camera on your smartphone, a compact camera, a bridge camera, a mirrorless camera, or a DLSR the choice is up to you!

I now have a DSLR, but started with a Panasonic bridge camera. And also used my phone camera.

Here is my current kit that I take on my Disney trips (with affiliate links to Amazon and Adobe).

The camera I use for my Disney photography is a Canon EOS 70D.
The two main lenses I use are Sigma 18-300mm F3.5-6.3 DC Macro and Sigma 30mm F1.4 DC Art. Both of these lenses will also fit Nikon and Sony DSLRs.
I also take some photos on my iPhone7 for sharing on social media – follow my Disney Instagram account – LoveDisneyPhotos.
Pool photos are taken with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT5. A similar model is the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT30EB-A.
Any photo editing is done with Photoshop or with Instagram editing features and filters.

Share your Project 365!

There is an online community for everything, so find it and share your photos! It could be just with family and friends on Facebook, or in groups on Flickr, or use hashtags on Instagram and Twitter.

Use coupon code 25in2019 to get 25% off Flickr Pro now.

Download Project 365 Calendar

Just cross off each day as you take a photograph.

Downloads open in new tab/window

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