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I am currently obsessed with the Polynesian style decor – think bright, bold colours and prints, dark wood, rattan, and bamboo furniture, tropical flowers, and tiki statues! This stems from my love for our Walt Disney World home resort of Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows, where we are Disney Vacation Club Members (DVC).  Anything that reminds me of our second “home” makes me smile, and I also love the retro, 70s vibe it gives me!

We have been trying to redecorate our bedroom for a long time now – but various things have got in the way, and the furthest we have got is stripping the old wallpaper. Now that I have finally settled on a theme, I’m itching to get our Polynesian themed bedroom finished!

I’ve put together a mood board with furniture, soft furnishings, and accessories that I think will bring my Polynesian fantasy into reality!

Create a tropical hideaway in your home with this Polynesian Themed Bedroom Makeover Mood Board! Think bright, bold colours and prints, dark wood, rattan, and bamboo furniture, tropical flowers, and tiki statues! Inspired by Disney's Polynesian Village Resort!

Polynesian Themed Bedroom Makeover

Our current bedroom is hideous – with bare walls, a manky old carpet, a yellow pine fitted wardrobe, it’s all just… ugh! The only time I’ll share a photo of what it looks like is when we have finally finished the redecorating – it’s too embarrassing! I will also state that a nook in our room is used as an office space for me – we have no other place for it in the house, so it has to be up here. That area will fit into the theme too.

Below is a photo of our DVC room which is the inspiration for our bedroom makeover. When I look at this picture I feel chilled and happy. In our current bedroom I feel stressed and unable to fully relax.

Polynesian Bedroom

I already have some items for our Polynesian themed bedroom, including my Tiki God Maui Statue which Steve bought for me last year at Walt Disney World. It’s a mini replica of the huge statue in the Polynesian Village Resort lobby. The tiki torches light up too, which is awesome!

I’ve also got a tiki throw pillow that I bought from Walt Disney World; and I plan to finally buy the Enchanted Tiki Room sign when we go on our next holiday. I’ve wanted to buy it for several years now, and when I tried to buy it last year, it was out of stock. It will be mine though!


Poly Room Curtains

Pretty much everything in our bedroom will need to be replaced – we need new flooring, wallpaper, and window dressings. Our bed is old and rickety, and the wardrobes need an update. This really is a from the ground up project.

Walls, Floor & Windows

I’m still undecided on whether to have a carpet, or go for wooden flooring with a huge rug – what do you think? My son has laminate in his bedroom and I love the way it looks. As for the wallpaper, I’m still trying to find one that is just right. I want it to be a natural colour with a little texture to it. I had thought about making a feature wall either behind our bed, or behind my desk, but I think I’ll keep it neutral and accent with photographs and art instead.

For the windows I’ve chosen a lush red voile and natural curtains from JD Williams. This combination is very similar to the ones in our room at the Poly. I love the way that voile diffuses the light (and I hate nets with a passion!!) Our bedroom also has this weird small window that isn’t big enough for a curtain. At the moment there is a cheap Venetian blind covering it, but I plan to replace that with a wooden one instead.


Oh go on, I’ll share and old photo of our bedroom when we first moved in – 4 years ago. As you can see – a mish-mash of everything!

Our Bedroom

I would like to replace the bed with a wooden bed again, but in dark wood this time. The one on my mood board is the perfect style. Instead of tearing out the fitted wardrobes and putting new ones in (which will be a headache, never mind big expense) I plan on staining the wood frames around the mirrors to match the [new, dark] bed frame.

Once we sort out the wardrobes and de-clutter them, we won’t need a set of three drawers as bedside tables. Instead I’d like to keep it minimal like the side table on my mood board – a drawer for bits and bobs (specs, phone, lip balm etc); and a shelf underneath for a book or two. And that’s it! We have too much clutter everywhere! I’ve added the rattan chair because I really liked it, and it’s one of the more affordable ones I’ve seen (rattan is so expensive!). You can check out all of my mood board items on Polyvore.

I’ve not included my desk in this makeover, but I would also get that to match – or stain the one I have; I’m undecided at the moment.

Soft Furnishings

In the inspiration photo you can see that the duvet cover sets in the Polynesian rooms are white. We have a black cat – she sits on the bed – that is not going to work for us!  So I’m thinking either something really bright and bold as most of the decor is already quite muted in colour; or something natural coloured with pops of colour coming from a throw (I’m in love with the DVC throw from Disney!) and throw pillows.  I know that they are a love ’em or hate ’em accessory in the home, but I love them! Again, inspired by our DVC room and the colours adorning it, I would go for oranges, blues, greens, and pinks.

Poly Sofa


I think by now we’ve established that I love a theme – my bathroom has a beach theme, my son’s bedroom has a New York City theme, and now our bedroom will have a Polynesian theme! As such, I need just the right accessories…

When I think of the islands of Polynesia, I think of tropical flowers like hibiscus, the huge leaves of exotic plants, of pineapples and coconuts, of waves crashing on the shore, surfboards, and tiki gods. And therefore, I have found a few items that I think would be perfect – without being too over the top (although, my Enchanted Tiki Room sign is anything but!)

I have already bought a ceramic pineapple – it’ll hold my rings when I take them off at night. I would have LOVED to have the Maui lamp to match the mini statue I have of him, but (1) I don’t think they sell them. And (2) the voltage of American lights are different to us in the UK. So I’ve found a very kitsch pineapple lamp instead!

I love fresh cut flowers – but they don’t last too long; and I’m rubbish with caring for house plants, so an artificial hibiscus would suit my office area perfectly! With the blank wall space above our bed, I would hang some art (I really like the trio of tropical leaves on my mood board) – or maybe even get some of my photos turned into canvas. Here are a couple that I think would fit the bill.

Polynesian Resort

Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show at Disney Polynesian Resort

Flowers + Plants at Magic Kingdom

Putting together a mood board for our bedroom makeover has really helped me focus, and I’m very excited to see this room come together. We just need to find some spare weekends in the madness that is our lives at the moment to get the wallpaper up (when we’ve bought it of course!) as that’s the biggest job. Once that’s done, it’ll be a matter of buying the soft furnishings and accessories and going all changing rooms up in here!

Create a tropical hideaway in your home with this Polynesian Themed Bedroom Makeover Mood Board! Think bright, bold colours and prints, dark wood, rattan, and bamboo furniture, tropical flowers, and tiki statues! Inspired by Disney's Polynesian Village Resort!

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