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A huge kitchen has always been at the top of my wishlist for our home, one with an island in the middle, lots of counter and storage space, awesome kitchen gadgets, somewhere to dine together as a family and entertain friends and family. The way our kitchen stands at the moment, we won’t be able to fit an island in, and the only dining space we will be able to fit in is a table big enough for the three of us! But, with a kitchen renovation in the very near future, I can dream about storage solutions and kitchen gadgets!

As a couple, hubs and I love kitchen gadgets, there have been several fail purchases over the years, as well as some successful ones too; here are some that have caught our eyes and all up for consideration in our new kitchen…

My 6 Dream Kitchen Gadgets


Instant Boiling Hot Tap

I am so impatient when it comes to waiting for the kettle to boil – be it for a cup of tea or wanting to speed up cooking foods like pasta or rice by boiling the water first. It’s a real snooze fest for me. I would love to have an instant boiling hot tap which would provide hot water on demand!


No standing around waiting for a kettle to boil, as the hot water is instant, and it’s perfect for when having a dinner party, because it can dispense 30 cups at a time – no waiting for a couple of kettles to boil to make everyone a cuppa after dinner.

WiFi Coffee Machine

My husband excitedly emailed me about a WiFi coffee machine yesterday. His words were “how cool is this?  It even grinds the coffee beans for you!!” We already have a coffee machine, and wake up to the gorgeous smell of freshly brewed coffee – that’s if we remember to grind the beans the night before and put the timer on…with this we could set that process off from the comfort of our bed using our smart phones! That is what I call winning!

WiFi Coffee Machine

Click & Grow Herb Garden

I love to use fresh herbs in cooking, but they can be quite expensive buying them from the supermarket. We do grow some of our own, we have a pot full of rosemary and another with a mixture of herbs too, but how cool is this click and grow herb garden? Inspired by NASA technology which will give your herbs the right amount of water, oxygen and nutrients at all times. You just add the seeds and watch them grow!

Click and Grow Herb Garden

Panini Press

We love a toasted sandwich in this house, and I would love a large panini press so that I could make the Cypriot sandwiches that we love to eat when on holiday in Cyprus! Life is better with a toasted halloumi and lounza sandwich!

Panini Press

Frozen Cocktail Maker

Continuing with the memories of holidays vibe, I fell in love with a cocktail machine when on holiday a few years ago – it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere and time for margaritas!

Margarita Machine

Food Mixer

And finally, a purple retro food mixer has been on my dream kitchen gadget wishlist forEVER! Not only does it look awesome, it can mix up cake batter, whisk up egg whites and help to make dough.

Purple KitchenAid Mixer

What would be on your dream kitchen gadget list?

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