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Make a Mario Moustache for a Nintendo Party!

Mario Moustache

The very first thing that I made for my son’s Nintendo themed birthday party was a Mario mustache on a stick! A fun disguise for guests!

The Mario ‘tache is iconic bit of facial hair, let’s be honest, without it, Mario looks like a regular kinda dude…with it – action hero!
blank [Source: Neatorama]

I got the idea from, strangely, from wedding blogs that I’ve read over the years, where the bride and groom provide disguises and outfits for their guests to take fun photos in a booth!




Really easy to make – and we had such a laugh with them!

I did a bit of Googling and found an appropriate looking mustache template, which I then filled in brown with Photoshop.

I printed off as many as I needed, stuck to a piece of card and then cut out. I taped a stick to the back of each one at an angle, so that we could hold them up to our faces for an “Itsa Me, Mario!” moment ^_^

I displayed them in a vase, with a couple of amigurumi crochet Nintendo characters that I made a while back (a Goomba and a Bob-Omb).


Like I said – lots of fun with these!


Here is the Mario ‘tache which you can save to your computer and print off. I am new to the printable sharing thing, so I’m hoping that it will come out the right size for you! Lifesize, it’s about 5 inches across to give you a guide of the size I used.


I’ve also provide a sheet that you can print on an A4 page which *should* all be the correct size! To print this, save the image below and then use picture viewer on a PC (sorry, I don’t know the Mac equivalent) and print from there. If you load it into Word (or equivalent) be sure to set the margins to the smallest you can get away with so that it fills the page.

Download the Mario Moustache template here – right click and save to your computer.blank

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