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There’s something about the summer months that makes us want to try a little harder when it comes to being healthy. Maybe it’s the fact that we all want to show off a bit more skin with summer clothes and look our best, whilst the warmer weather also makes tasty salads and lighter meals seem more appealing than that of our winter favourites.

A twist on an all-time favourite recipe

Burgers are one of the most mouth-watering meals known to man, the husband loves them and the kids adore them. However, they’re not the healthiest culinary option on the planet. This is especially the case when the burger is topped with bacon, appears drenched in lashings of sauce and comes in an oversized bun.

Thankfully, there is a low-fat alternative and one that tastes just as good! Opting to create a turkey burger, which is lower in calories is a great option and one that will allow you to create a healthy, yet tasty meal – especially when teamed with a side of McCain chunky cut chips, which are made using top quality potatoes as opposed to fried in masses of fat. This particular side can replace the bread, whilst still allowing you to create a wholesome and filling meal for the entire family to enjoy.

For the toppings, avoid bacon and opt for light mayonnaise drizzled with a little lemon juice instead. Serve with a side salad of fresh tomatoes, onions and crunchy lettuce and you have the perfect summer dish – and also, one that goes a little way towards achieving your five a day.

Why homemade is better

Homemade burgers beat fast food every time, especially if you wish to avoid a heavy dose of fat and grease. They’re also a great option for busy mums with many mouths to feed, as you can make a large batch and then freeze them.

There are a number of recipes to choose from, one of which includes mixing mince, cheese, parsley, onion, breadcrumbs, Worcestershire sauce and chilli powder into a large bowl. Once the mixture has been blended together, divide into ten sections and shape into burgers.You can either cook them straight away on a griddle pan for 5-8 minutes or alternatively, freeze them and save the burgers for another day.

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