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I bought some polystyrene hearts a little while ago to craft with for Valentine’s Day, and finally found my crafting mojo a few days ago to do something with them…and here is what I made…


I bought two packs of polystyrene hearts – 2 large, and 4 smaller ones and didn’t decided to make them into a garland until I’d painted them!

Love Heart Garland | The Purple Pumpkin Blog

I painted three of the hearts red, and the other three hot pink. I then painted glitter onto them and left them to dry, skewered onto some bamboo skewers. At this point I thought I would just leave them like this and maybe just toss them into a bowl or something. But then, I had a eureka moment and thought to string them together to make a garland.

Love Heart Garland | The Purple Pumpkin Blog

I used a glitter glue pen to write the letters L. O. V. E on the smaller hearts and sprinkled over the glue with more glitter to make them stand out some more.

I then dug out some wire from the shed (well, hubby did) and threaded a length of it through each heart, with the large hearts at the top and bottom.

I formed a loop at the top and bottom to keep the hearts in place and then wrapped hot pink organza around the wire to hide the fugly. A couple of bows later and all done!
I love it, I think it’s cute ^_^ Happy Valentine’s Day ♥

Love Heart Garland | The Purple Pumpkin Blog

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