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This free printable Summer Shadow Matching Activity is a great way for kids to practice problem-solving skills. This printable includes shadow match activities that may be completed at home or on the go. To play, just examine the various summertime images and match them with the correct shadow shape!

Digital images of the Summertime Shadow Matching Free Printable

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Summer Shadow Matching Activity

Make your summer a little more fun by playing this summer shadow matching game with the kids! It is a great way for you and your little ones to spend time together while learning.

Young minds are always fascinated with shadows. They’re curious and inquisitive, so this project is perfect for encouraging healthy learning habits from an early age on up!

Shadows are fun and easy to make. They dance on the walls, change shape as they move around a light source.

Before starting this shadow matching activity, you might want to ask your children if they have noticed shadows before – maybe even their own – and if they understand what they are.

Why not close some curtains so that there is only one small lamp lit up in the room and make some shadows on the wall with your hands or different objects.

Once they have a firm understanding of how simple shadows work it’s time for them to put these skills into practice using the printable activity sheets where they will have to match up the colored objects (in this printable they’re all related to the summertime!) to the shadow that they make. Simply draw a line from one to the other.

If they have the scissor skills, they (or you) could then cut each shape out and lay it on top of the shadow to see if it matches.

This summer shadow match printable has four different sets of shadows to match, as well as the answers should you get stuck.

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Summer Shadow Matching Free Printable

Benefits of Shadow Matching Activities

Shadow Matching is a great brain training puzzle for people of all ages.

It is a fun activity and it has some great benefits that can develop and improve:

  • Visual discrimination (which prepares for more advanced skills such as reading and math)
  • Concentration
  • Attention to detail
  • Focus and avoid distractions
  • Shape and size recognition
  • Vocabulary (if you say the name of each item that is matched)
  • Problem-solving and attention
  • Short-term memory

Matching and sorting activities help children to improve their coordination skills as well as develop a range of thinking skills.

Matching colors, shapes, numbers or pictures is an excellent way for kids to learn about the world around them while also developing important cognitive skills like counting and following directions.

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Free Summer Themed Shadow Matching Activity

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