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This Free Printable Max Reindeer Craftivity is a fun way for Grinch fans to spend a few hours! Children can practice their cutting and pasting skills by building the paper Max first and then fill in the writing prompt. Once completed, this Max from the Grinch craft would look awesome displayed on the wall or bulletin board.

This post is part of Create the Holidays (formerly Create Christmas) – a series of festive recipes, crafts, printables, and more on The Purple Pumpkin Blog!

Max (The Grinch) Craftivity

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Free Printable Max Reindeer Craftivity

The Max Reindeer Craftivity is just one in a series of Winter & Christmas characters available for you to download – find links to them at the end of this post.

There are two parts to this project – building Max and then filling in the writing prompt section. Depending on your child’s age(s) you may have to help them with some aspects of the project.

If you’ve seen any of the movies or read the book, you’ll know that Max is The Grinch’s dog! He turns him into a reindeer by tying a stick to his head!

  • As with [most of] my free printables, they are available in two paper sizes – A4 and US Letter (8.5″ x 11″) – download the size most suitable for your printer.
  • You will find the download links further down this page surrounded by a purple box. Tap the purple download buttons to save the file(s) to your device.

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Materials & Tools Needed

Max Paper Craft Supplies

How To Build Max Reindeer

Reindeer Max has the following components and the printable gives you a guide as to what colors to use. However, you can use any colors that you like!

  • Head, body, ears, eyes, antler, string bow, bell collar, bells.
  • Writing Prompt Sheet – An act of kindness for the Grinch

There are a few different ways you can build and use this free Max from The Grinch activity, which means you can get multiple uses from the same printable!

  1. Print the character template onto colored paper (or thin card that goes through your printer) and cut out the pieces to use in the craftivity.
  2. Print the character template onto white paper (or thin card that goes through your printer), cut, and color the pieces with markers, pens, or crayons before assembly.
  3. Print the character template onto white paper (or thin card that goes through your printer), cut and trace around onto colored construction paper then use those pieces to assemble Max. You may have to draw on some additional features with a black marker, such as the pupils of the eyes.

However you decide to print and cut out the pieces, the assembly remains the same – use the photos in this post as a guide to sticking everything together. You can use a glue stick or glue roller. These are my favorite glue rollers and they’re so much easier and less messy than a glue stick!

Some of the pieces for this papercraft take up a whole page, others do not. Where possible, I’ve made small items fill up a page and have a page with individual items (it will become more apparent when you download the file!). I have done this so that you can save on paper if you only want to make one of these characters, or if you want to make several – for example in a group or classroom.

After assembling Reindeer Max, glue it to the backing paper and cut around the outline leaving a half-inch border around the edges.

Reindeer Max Cut Paper Pieces
Assembled Max the Reindeer
Max on Backing Paper

Max Reindeer Creative Writing Ideas

Now that you’ve assembled your paper dog, Max, it’s time to write!

Print the writing sheet and follow the writing prompt at the top: An act of kindness for the Grinch

When the writing activity has been completed, color in the border.

If your child gets stuck on what to write, here are some prompts to get the ideas flowing. You can always print extra writing pages if they want to write more.

I think this particular writing activity will be easier if they have seen the movie or read the book!

  • Why should they be kind to the Grinch?
  • What kind of things could they do to help him?
  • Who else could they be kind to?
Max (The Grinch) Craft & Writing Activity

Assembling the Max Reindeer Craftivity

Stick the writing page onto a piece of backing paper (the same color as the character) and cut a half-inch border around the left, right, and bottom sides and a couple of inches at the top so that the character can be glued in place.

Grab the paper Max, you made earlier and stick it to the top of the writing sheet. Display where you like!

Additional Activity Idea!

Why not cut the pieces from craft foam and build a 3D relief of Max?

Using a black marker pen, you will have to draw on the details such as pupils in the eyes or other template designs.

It might be a good problem-solving activity for older children as they figure out how to build it from the template provided.

However you decide to use this Christmas kids’ activity, the important thing is to have some fun, and get creative – not only with the craft portion of the project but with the writing prompt too!

Download Free Printable Max Reindeer Craftivity Sheet

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Grab the other Grinch characters too!

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