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At the very end of last year, I promised that I would be sharing more organisation free printables. It started off with a free printable calendar, and I’m adding to that with this 5 Minute Planner Printable. This printable is handy if you find that you need a lot of structure to the hours in your day.

5 Minute Planner Printable - a free printable to organise the hours in your day into 5 minute task segments

5 Minute Planner Printable

I have found over the past few years that my brain doesn’t work the way it used to. I seem to only be able to concentrate on things for a short amount of time before I move onto something else. There are some days that I find myself doing a lot of nothing, which is not productive at all. Then other days doing absolutely everything possible, and not finding time to do the things I want/need to do.

I watched a productivity webinar a few weeks ago, and it was suggested that blocking out parts of your day to certain tasks helps. Given my need for short bursts of tasks, I decided to make a 5 minute planner printable and in turn share it on my blog as part of my organisation printables.

5 Minute Planner - blank example

How to use the 5 minute time planner

I think it’s straightforward to use, but I’m going to go through it with you – just in case!

Along the very top next to the day (I’ve provided a sheet for each day of the week) are 6 boxes. This is the key area. Colour in each little box, and assign a task to it. I know I do some of the same tasks, day in, day out, so most of these will stay the same each day – but weekends, might be a bit different, so I can adjust accordingly. You don’t have to use them, but I found them to be helpful. For example – I’ve got a key for emails, Pinterest, Twitter, editing photos, writing blog posts, and exercise – all things I want to make sure I fit into my day on Wednesday.

Along the top row of boxes, I’ve left space for you to add in your own times next to the :00. This way if your day starts earlier or later you can fill it in however you like. There is room for 8 hours. In my example I’ve left out 12:00 as I tend to take that time for a lunch break. Down the left column of boxes is the time broken down into 5 minute segments – each box is basically 5 minutes of your time.

Colour in the amount of blocks for your tasks to match the key, colour in others too if you like, use coloured pens, pencils, write tasks in, doodle on it, use stickers or washi tape – whatever you like, it’s your planner!

The planner is designed to be printed and written on by hand – although my example is digital because my printer has run out of ink!

And that really is about it!

Example of 5 Minute Planner

Download the 5 Minute Planner Printable

I’ve provided two print size – A4 and 8.5 x 11″

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