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With the biggest food shopping weekend of the year upon us, and people stocking up for the Christmas festivities with their loved ones, I thought now would be a good time to blog about the Foodbank. One of my Christmas activities was to do this very thing and I feel good to know that I’ve done my bit to help out those who are not as fortunate as me, to be able to afford one of the most basic things in life – food.

A few weeks ago whilst doing our grocery shop, there was a woman handing out leaflets as we walked into the store. Realising she was from our local Foodbank, I grabbed one of her hand-outs and read through it as we picked up the gadget to scan our shopping. The leaflet had a little information about Foodbank along with a list of suggested items. Deciding that I would purchase some of the things on the list, we started our shopping trip and I noticed a basket available to put goods into. To make it super easy for customers to donate, there were even products placed around it that you could pick up and buy. Since we do scan and shop, I scanned the items and put them straight in the basket. On the way out there was a trestle table with volunteers collecting the produce too, so people can still put them through the regular checkout.

I could wax lyrical about how many people I saw just ignore the woman as they walked in, or those who could have quite easily picked up a can of something as they walked by, but I won’t. Everyone is entitled to donate, or not, to their chosen charities as and when they see fit, but in this day and age, to think that there is a need for a Foodbank for those who can’t afford such a basic human resource that is food, made me really sad.

I am the sort of person who will donate to charities as I walk by a collection box, because there are people out there in need, and even if it’s just the change in my pocket, then I know that I have done something, no matter how small, to help my fellow man. None of us know what is around the corner for us. There may come a time when we need to rely on the charity of others…

I haven’t been asked to write this post, I have written it because I believe that we should all try and do a little something in our local communities to help those in need. Donating to the Foodbank is easy and you can visit The Trussell Trust website to find out about your local foodbank.

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