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Disney Villains Popcorn Boxes Free Printables + TONS of FREE Halloween Printables on this website. MUST PIN THIS!

My plan for this year’s Halloween party at home is themed around our recent Walt Disney Holiday. As such, I’ve entitled it “Shellbe’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party” as a play on Mickey’s party of the same name. Shellbe is one of my nicknames, in case you wondered!

I wanted to make a set of printables to use at this party, as well as to share with you, so in keeping with the Disney theme, this years printables are Disney Villains. When I make sets of printables, I have them all matching, so by the end of this collection, you’ll have everything you need to throw your own Not-So-Scary Halloween Party too!

Today is the turn of some mini popcorn boxes, but you could also use them to fill up with other treats if you like.

For these printables, I’ve used 24 Villains, using 7 different colour themes. Within each set are 4 Disney Villains, plus a selection of other Halloween designs. Stick to one colour, or mix and match them.

Assembly instructions

  1. Print off as many as you need, onto thin card and cut out.
  2. Flip over to the blank side, and you can judge where to score some lines to make folding easier: along the bottom flap tabs, the side flap, and along each edge, from point to point.
  3. Fold around, and use glue or tape to secure the sides first, then upend, to do the bottom flaps – I find tape easiest to secure these. If you using glue, you may want to add a paper clip to hold everything in place until the glue dries.
  4. Fill with popcorn or Halloween treats!

Disney Villains Popcorn Boxes - Free Printables + TONS of FREE Halloween Printables on this website. MUST PIN THIS!

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Again, no photo yet of these ones made up, but below are the ones from last year to show you how they will look when assembled.

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Crafty October 2016

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