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The boho bedroom decor ideas that I’m about to share are just right for someone who likes their living spaces to be free spirited, artistic, full of culture, and interesting things for everyone to see. Bedrooms are “supposed to be” serene and tranquil, but bright colours don’t hurt, rules are meant to be broken, and the bohemian look can be cosy and inviting – perfect for a bedroom.

These boho bedroom decor ideas are perfect for someone who likes their living spaces to be free spirited, artistic, full of culture, and interesting things for everyone to see. The bohemian look can be cosy and inviting - just right for a bedroom.

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Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas

Does the thought of interior design scare you? It does me. For years I’ve looked in magazines and online to find the perfect style for me, for us, for our home; but always hitting a road block. Everything seems to be minimalist, coordinated, with splashes of colour against neutral walls; or they are truly vintage – styled in the age of the property e.g., Victorian or Edwardian. Nothing ever quite fits.

I was watching a YouTube video about decluttering our homes, and realised that I’m as far removed from the Marie Kondo (yes I bought the book, I didn’t finish it!) method of minimalism as can be. I love STUFF. I’ve always been somewhat of a collector – either stuff I’ve found like pebbles and rocks, or seashells; to things I’ve bought like pins, books, or ornaments. I like to be able to see and touch these things. I like art and photography on the walls, on shelves; and it doesn’t matter how much I tidy up my desk to conform to a “standard” that it always goes back to be filled with things – jars and mugs of pens and pencils, crystals, a stack of magazines. And there is nothing wrong with that! I am now learning to embrace all the things I’ve so lovingly collected or bought over the years, and adopting a bohemian style seems to be the right way forward!

The funny thing is, it’s always kind of been there for me – let me take you back to early 1998…

I moved out of home when I was 21. I was renting a first floor flat and had all my friends over to help decorate it. I went mad with colour – the hallway was yellow and orange, the kitchen was bright green, the bedroom was a deep red… It was 1998, I was on my own for the first time, what can I say?! I remember clearly that I wanted the bedroom to have a boho/harem style to it, with lots of cosy scatter cushions, fabric draping from the ceiling, and fairy lights.

It never quite happened though, as my boyfriend moved in with me and said how I had painted the bedroom claret and blue (West Ham United’s colours – his favourite team!) The boho lifestyle stayed with us for a while – we used to sleep on the sofa cushions on the floor because we couldn’t afford a bed! But then I got pregnant, had to grow up really quickly, and turn the bedroom into a place to share with a baby! Nearly 20 years later I can finally have that boho bedroom – but maybe just not with those deep red coloured walls!

Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people and with few permanent ties. It involves musical, artistic, literary or spiritual pursuits. Wikipedia

Finding bedroom decor elements online I’ve put together a mood board of what I would call a typical bohemian look. To me that is earthy tones of reds, orange, golds, blues and greens (I am a Virgo, and Earth sign, so I am naturally drawn to these sorts of colours); scatter cushions and throws; eclectic and unusual objects – man-made or natural; mandalas which are a spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism; dream catchers which are Native American; fairy lights; candles; decorative lamps; plants and more…

However, I bought a book a few days ago – The New Bohemians Handbook, and the bohemian style is more than I thought! I can’t wait to read through it all.

Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas - a mood board with scatter cushions, ornaments, decorative items, and furniture for a bohemian styled bedroom

Bedding – Duvet Covers, Throws, Cushions

Since the most important part of a bedroom is the bed, let me start with the bedding. Yorkshire Linen has a wide variety of affordable duvet covers that would work really well with the bohemian theme and I’ve got my eye on the gorgeous [mainly] red mandala duvet cover. A boho bedroom would work well in the master bedroom, for a guest room, and even for a teenagers room, and there are several designs in the various bed sizes – single, double, king size, and super king size, that would work well. Think tie-dye; ethnic prints; natural prints – with leaves, or animals.

Or you could go with one solid colour for the duvet colour – something earthy and dark, or something lighter and more natural – then add interest and colour with throw and scatter cushions. The boho style must be the in thing right now as I found several designs at large retailers like this awesome elephant cushion from Debenhams, and this lush purple mandala one from Amazon. And lots more as you can see in the mood board above!

A final touch, to add warmth and cosiness would be a throw or two – either on the bed itself, or used as decor – draped over a chair, hung across a wall, or even use swathes of fabric to hang from the ceiling. Next has some lovely faux fur throws, and this Mandala throw looks amazing hung across a wall.

Furniture, Decorative Items & Lighting

When it comes to boho decor, anything goes – it’s all about being free spirited and not worrying if things match. I love this hand painted, Indian spice drawer – perfect for jewellery or trinkets, and while completely out of my budget, this stacked set of drawers is just gorgeous. Secondhand, repurposed, or upcyled furniture would also work really well. If you have a Homesense store near you, they are well worth checking out. You can’t buy online, because their stock is ever changing, and unique. From experience they have a wonderful variety of furniture and decorative items that would be perfect in a boho bedroom.

As for decorative items – anything goes – do you have a collection of seashells, or pebbles that you’ve picked up because you thought they were pretty? Or do you have lots of colourful jewellery tucked away in a box somewhere? Display them! Hang things from the walls, from the ceilings, from the door knobs. I love dream catchers – I have several hanging over our bed.

Buy some plants – succulents are really easy to look after, as are cacti (but bringing in my feng shui knowledge, I know cacti are not particularly good for the home because of negative chi – but that’s another post entirely!) Plants are great to have inside your house as they are not only pretty and calming to look at, but there are many health benefits associated with them too.

For lighting there are several options – fairy lights are cheap and cheerful, but if you want to step up your fairy light game, the Cable & Cotton lights are beautiful and come in a range of colours that you can customise yourself too. Then there are candles – obviously – use painted jam jars as DIY lanterns, or splash out on some decorative ones from High Street shops. If your budget stretches, these hanging mosaic lamps are just stunning.

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