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Welcome to Day 8 of Crafty October 2014 (check out 2013 and 2012 here) – a month of Halloween Ideas here on The Purple Pumpkin Blog!

My sisters and I LOVE dressing up for Halloween – we always have! However, we tend to just accessorize our existing clothes with things like hats, wigs, make-up, jewellery and Halloween decorations. The reason we tend to do that is because fancy dress costumes can be really expensive, and for me, as a plus size girl, finding costumes in my size can be a pain, so it’s easier to just create my own! Between the three of us, we’ve got quite the collection of Halloween accessories! Here are some photographs of us over the years – I tend to stick with a rather safe witch, Jo is often some sort of pumpkin, and Maria, well, she’s the best dresser upper of all of us: cat, witch, devil, zombie bride, she’s done ’em all!

Halloween Dress Up

I thought it would be fun to put together a collection of Halloween outfits using some gorgeous dresses from George at Asda along with some of their shoes and accessories, as well as some other items from the high street. The dresses can then can be worn for nights out and special occasions throughout the year and not just Halloween – Christmas is coming up in just a couple of months time after all! #Justsayin’

Without further ado, let me talk you through each Halloween outfit that I’ve put together…

Spider Queen

This outfit is completely using clothes, shoes and accessories from Asda. Paint your nails (fingers and toes!) black or red, if you’re handy with nail art, you could paint on some spider webs with white polish. I thought the spider hat with the veil was pretty cool!


Ms Purple Pumpkin

George at Asda do have a line of plus-size clothes, which goes up to a size 32 in some items, which I think is great. Since my go-to outfit for Halloween tends to be a witch, I’ve almost stuck to it, sans hat! With a black pencil skirt and top, black pointy boots, blingy jewellery, a purple pumpkin (thank you Asda for that ;) ) and a purple wig, I could bring Ms Purple Pumpkin (that’s me!) to life!!


She Devil

Wow the guests at the party with a dress, shoes, mask, jewellery and wig all in the colour red! Don’t forget about Halloween decorations when putting an outfit together – they can become accessories too! Just slip the hanging devil decoration around your wrist!


Trick or Treating

If you’ve got children, you may be going out Trick or Treating! You may be coming home to a party after said activity, so be prepared by dressing up before you go. I so wish I could look good in a playsuit – this one is gorge! I’ve teamed it with a black and red wig and black wedge boots, so once you come home you can just take off your coat, gloves and kitty cat ear muffs and be ready to party! The little spider bucket was too cute to not include!


The Mummy

There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t dress up for Halloween if you’re a mummy to be. George have got a maternity range, and this black dress is perfect. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t handle heels when I was pregnant with my son, so I’ve added some flat black boots to the outfit and some blingy jewellery too. I loved the headband with the red roses on it, and the owl, well, she’s cute too!


Simple Witch

A witch outfit is so easy to create – and you can be as flamboyant or as subtle as you like! Of course, I go straight for the purple witches hat – there is also a green one – and the purple wig. A pair of pointy flats and some false eyelashes help to finish this look off, along with some of that fake spider web stuff, which is really handy for using on costumes!


Bride of Blood

Another red outfit – the dress really is the focus here! If you don’t like wearing wigs, then clipping in a hair piece is a good midway option. White out your face with face paints, and apply the blood drips around your eyes and lips. Since this outfit is a ‘bride’ then a small posy of flowers is a must!


Perfect Pirate

I’ve used another Halloween decoration here as an accessory – the light-up skull! You could also throw on some spider-web as I mentioned earlier. Add some jewels around your neck (and wrist, and ears!), a pirate’s hat and a striped tie around your waist! I’d wear this if I could get me a Captain Jack Sparrow to go with ;)


Mrs Addams

And finally, an outfit inspired by one of my favourite film characters – Morticia from The Addams Family. I really love the styling of Angelica Huston’s take on this character, and boy oh boy would I like to be able to pull off this kind of outfit once in my life! Morticia just glides across the room and oozes sex appeal, and this outfit replicates that I think… when you look at it, it’s all ‘regular’ clothes and accessories, but with the additional long, straight black wig! Red lips and nails are mandatory!


Not that I have the figure for it, Mrs Addams is definitely my pick of the bunch here! And of course, I’m loving the Ms Purple Pumpkin outfit too!! The ideas here were to highlight what you can do with things you may already own, or by adding some accessories that are fitting with the Halloween theme, rather than a full out costume. I think these are ideal for ladies that really don’t like to dress up in a full costume! Do let me know which you like the most!

As well as sharing my ideas each day for my favourite time of the year, I’m also holding a #CraftyOctober Link Party for bloggers to share their Halloween posts. If you’re a blogger, then do check out the party – I can’t wait to see your posts!

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