Fruity Coleslaw {Recipe}

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Along with the Moroccan Cous Cous Salad that I made for our BBQ a while back, I also made a coleslaw. I've called it Fruit Coleslaw, because I added sultanas :P

Coleslaw is so easy to make.  In mine I use white cabbage, red cabbage, red onions, carrots and mayo, and as I said, to make it fruity, some sultanas!

What about quantities I hear you cry?  Well, I use half a white cabbage, quarter of a red cabbage, a few carrots, a red onion and a handful of sultanas.  I eyeball a lot of things that I prepare and cook on a regular basis - this being one of them.

Fruity Coleslaw

If you are so inclined, shred everything up in a food processor with the appropriate blade.  Me, I just grate the carrot with a regular grater, and then shred everything else up as finely as I can.

Fruity Coleslaw

Throw everything into a big mixing bowl, and give a good mix - with your hands or a spoon.

Fruity Coleslaw

Glob over some mayonnaise, I add a tablespoon to start and add more - you don't want it over-mayonnaise-ey (it's a word!)

Fruity Coleslaw

Serve at a barbecue for a great crunchy, flavoursome accompaniment!


Fruity Coleslaw

In addition to this and my cous cous salad, I also whipped up a Potato Salad.  In mine I use cooled new potatoes that have been boiled in salted water.  If they're very small I leave them whole, or cut them in half if they are too big.  I then add some finely chopped red onion, snipped fresh chives and sprinkle with mixed herbs before mixing altogether until well combined.

I also knocked out my homemade guacamole, which always goes down well, and having now made this several times, I won't ever by ready-made again!

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